Counting down to the 40+Style giveaway: Introducing Alldressedup

by Sylvia

Alldressedup Singapore

40+ Style is celebrating 1 year and 1 million page views with a huge giveaway starting at 11 October and over the coming week I will introduce the amazing prices you can win and the sponsors that provide them. Today: Alldressedup.

Regular readers know that I’m a HUGE fan of this brand. A simple search for Alldressedup on this site will show countless outfits that I have worn over the last year that incorporate clothes and accessories of Alldressedup. So it’s fair to say that I’m thrilled that Alldressedup has provided prices for my giveaway that are nothing short of spectacular. More on that later. First let’s have a look at Alldressedup the brand.

Alldressedup was founded in 2005 by Singapore duo Lionel Leo and Tina Tan-Leo. It was an instant success and since then the brand is stocked worldwide. I love their quirky designs made of exquisite fabrics like silk and high quality jersey. I’m also a big fan of their fun accessories and own several necklaces of their range. Let’s have a look at some of the best of their current collection.


Here is a video of their recent collection showcased at Audi Fashion week.


Loving all the necklaces too.

Alldressedup necklaces


Alldressedup bags

And can you believe it when I tell you that you can win each of these bags at our giveaway!!

That is right.

I have 3 leather bags of Alldressedup that my Singapore readers can win. All you will have to do is Like their facebook page which you can already do right now, to get yourself ready for the contest. Then you will just submit the entry form on 11 October and you are in the draw. Not only for these prizes but many others as well.

Giveaway now live! Enter here

1 Greetje

Wow, this a nice give-away. Lovely bags! Especially the top one. And the left bottom one.
I did not see anything I wanted on the runway show you featured, but it is definitely a brand with very good stuff. You have shown us so many nice clothes and necklaces by that brand this past year. I will have a look at their site again. And of course I have liked them on Facebook. Will be back to enter on October 11.

2 Tangobabe

Only for Singapore readers, Greetje! I think only one of the contests is accessible for us Dutch readers. Too bad, but understandable since Sylvia is based in Singapore.

3 Sylvia

No that is not true. I have a total of 7 prices of more than $1300 value for all international readers. Everything from ShoptheMag, spending voucher at Verily and my own price of a $100 gift voucher at Amazon!

4 Tangobabe

Oh, tx for correcting me. Cool!

5 Suzanne

That entire runway looked like you Sylvia! Those draped dresses and the colors and the looser pants all reminded me of outfits you have worn on the Blog. And I love the necklaces. Statement necklaces are going to be big S/S13. Look at McQueen’s runway. I adore Sarah Burton and think she has worked miracles.

6 cami

I love it all! 🙂

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