Contemporary modern jewellery from Yolanda Döpp

by Sylvia

Yolande Dopp contemporary jewellery

One of the most frequent featured jewellery pieces on this site is my bracelet from Yolanda Döpp (see below right). I did not feature her name so much as for a while I had no idea who the designer of my favorite bracelet was. But now that I have found out, I think it’s only appropriate that I feature her on this site and showcase some of her beautiful contemporary jewellery designs.


Yolanda Dopp bracelets

Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, one year earlier than me (1965) she designs contemporary silver and gold jewellery with clear, modern lines.


Yolanda dopp rings

“I’m very technical” she says on her website, “I always try to create one complete piece. The lock needs to blend into the whole design, for example”.

She creates 2 collections per year in which her signature style can be clearly recognised. That makes it easy to mix and match all her jewellery.


“I love to create something beautiful. The design comes naturally through experimenting with different forms”.


Custom jewellery from children’s drawings

She also creates jewellery from children’s drawings. Based on the drawing of the child, she makes brooches, tie pins or pendants in silver. You can send the drawing to her via her website and she will then give you a quotation. This could be a very special Christmas present!

Here is the designer in her studio. Unfortunately, it’s only narrated in Dutch, but if you like to get an idea of how she works, you may still want to have a look.

You can check more of her work on her website where you can also order online. It’s all in Dutch though so you will need to use Google translate!

Do you have a favorite jewellery designer? Let  me know and I may just feature him / her on the site!

1 Suzanne

These designs are gorgeous! The bracelets are my favorite. They are little works of art and I would wear any of them. You have such modern, cool taste in jewelry!

2 Sylvia

Thanks Suzanne. I have always been drawn to modern design in every aspect of life!

3 Greetje

Her pieces might be the start of my contemporary jewellery line. Love het work. I will check it out. Bit of a pity she prefers silver and I prefer gold, but she does use gold too, so who knows. Really beautiful.

4 Marla

Love those rings and bracelets!

5 Marianne

I must confess I never looked at modern jewellery, but if I had a choice I would certainly pic the first bracelet. It is like a never ending story. You never get bored looking at it. It is firm but still so fragile. Love it.

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