Beautiful contemporary jewellery from Gaal Gyongyver

by Sylvia

Designer rings by Gaal Gyongyver

I believe that many women over 40 look amazing with a perfectly fitted basic outfit, accessorised by amazing jewelry. I’m always on the lookout for designers who can create these beautiful pieces. Jewellery that is creative, contemporary, and stands out. Today I’m featuring Gaal Gyongyver, a jewellery designer from Hungaria. Her website does not have a lot of information about her, so instead let’s let the jewellery do all the talking.


designer necklaces by gaal gyongyver

designer necklaces by Gaal Gyongyver


bracelts by Gaal Gyongyver

Atlhough all these pieces are quite different, to me they all have something interesting and beautiful. I would wear every single piece! More information about Gaal Gyongyver can be found on her website.

So what do you think? Of course, if you know of a jewellery designer that you admire, let me know!

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Greetje Kamminga

I have to be educated in comporary jewellery. I know it is nice, like the pieces you have shown and I know it is so much better for me than the pretty pretty antique jewellery I go for, but I need to be educated. It is like art: at first you don’t like it, but when you visit a lot of galleries you start liking it a lot. How do I go about that?


Oh I’m not sure Greetje. Visit a lot of good contemporary jewellery places I guess! In the end you have to choose what you like. Jewellery is very personal. I’m also drawn to some of the classic pieces, but I have decided that contemporary jewellery is my true passion and I feel that it fits my style better. It belongs to my modern freedom style statement! I’m going to feature a lot more of this jewellery on the site so you may get a taste for it as well!

Greetje Kamminga

It seems to me a very dangerous road to walk. LOL


You may do it anyway, but you are not allowed to buy anything for at least one year. How is that?


I do need a lot of education as well. I am like Greetje I like antique jewellery. I just don’t have an eye for contemporary jewellery. So you have to show me a lot of different styles to convert me, or am I to old for that.


Are you kidding Marianne! That is the beauty of contemporary jewellery. It will make you instantly young and hip. In my humble opinion, this kind of jewellery looks even better on older women!

Bella Q

I agree with you Sylvia personal preference is important but that modern pieces look fab on the +40 crowd. Your choices are so tempting too! I love the ring with the off center hole!

Marie S

I love contemporary jewellery and agree that it looks great on 40 plus women. Good way to update your look. Great blog by the way I am really
enjoying all your posts. Thanks!


Thank you Maire. Welcome to 40+ Style!


OMG I LOVE this kind of jewelery!!! These pieces are so great.
I’m always digging for something similar. Even my husband uses to notice that and asks me “Are you going to buy it?” Unfortunately most of the times I just say “No, but just because is too expensive.”
I think they look awesome on 40+ women updating a look.


Yes, it’s hard to choose and to resist. I think you will need to be picky in your choices. But these kind of pieces are great just to admire too. Sometimes it’s just enough to admire the beauty of designs and get satisfaction from that.


Wow Sylvia…those are amazing pieces that can make a basic outfit look more glam!!! Thanks for sharing & hope you could drop by my blog soon….Elena of did a wonderful illustration of me for her Friday inspiration!


Kathleen Lisson

I am usually in pearls, so I don’t know that much about jewelry designers. These are all great statement pieces and conversation starters.


Exactly Kathleen. That’s one thing I love about this kind of jewellery. They DO start conversations…


I would most definitely wear just about everything here too. I love bold and contemporary as long as it’s simple. You have great taste!


Thanks Joni 🙂

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