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40+Style’s mission is to help women over 40 feel happy about themselves and the way they look. Do you feel you can help our readers achieve this goal? Are you an expert in your field and would you like to share your experience with our audience?

We would be happy to publish your articles!

Please note that we can only work with a select group of writers, so carefully read through the guidelines below to determine if we are a good fit.

What kind of articles is 40+Style looking for?

We love articles that talk about personal experiences that relate to looking and feeling fabulous after 40.

  • Tell a story on how you arrived at your current style or how you came out of your style rut (40+ women only) but please make it relevant and focus on how your story can help others.
  • Document how you dress for your body type or how you experimented with different types of clothes (needs your personal photos).
  • Have a specific skill? Write a great ‘how to’ article that my audience can benefit from with either videos or photos.
  • Do you have brilliant style, beauty or fashion advice? Teach our readers how to apply your skills.
  • Do you make fantastic collages (through Polyvore), show us your ideas on how to dress for a certain situation or for a specific trend.

These are just some general ideas, but use your creativity and keep the 40+ audience in mind!

What are the benefits of getting published at 40+Style?

  • You have a chance to connect with the many 40+Style readers (more than 500,000 visitors every month).
  • Help other readers by sharing your personal experience. You may be amazed how much it could help them.
  • You may meet some new friends as readers reply to your content in the comments and connect with you.
  • If you write about a popular topic it may give you a continuous stream of visitors to your site as many of the articles at our site rank high in Google. I will personally optimise your article for the best possible chance of good search results in Google.
  • An optional permanent link at 40PlusStyle.

Who can submit articles?

We welcome articles from readers, experts and other bloggers only.

This opportunity is NOT open to brands or professional writers/bloggers who write for brands.

If you are a style professional (image consultant, stylist or designer) and write your own articles, then we welcome your submissions. Please also carefully read the general guidelines on how to submit your article.

General guidelines and agreement

Please read carefully and only submit an article if you comply with these guidelines:

  1. The article needs to be at least 500 words long.
  2. All articles on 40+Style include images. Either include good relevant personal photos or source a good image from Shutterstock.com that we can purchase.
  3. We can only work with regular contributors so please specify the number of each times each month that you are able to contribute.
  4. Articles cannot be promotional in any way and need to contain information that is either entertaining, inspirational or helpful to my audience.
  5. We will not accept any articles by brands or shops. If you have something to promote please enquire about our advertising options.
  6. We will not accept any articles by freelance writers that write for brands. If the article has any promotional content or is written for a brand you need to make use of one of our advertising options.
  7. You will receive a maximum of 2 links of your choice in your author profile which can be a Facebook page or your blog. As mentioned before, I do not accept any links to promotional pages of any kind. If the blog is from a brand, then refer to point 5.
  8. No promotional or affiliate links in the article itself.
  9. Your article needs to have all the essential information. Any links that you do include need to be very relevant and only provide additional info that is essential to the article itself. No promotional links allowed. Feel free to link to any products you mention as our readers love to know your recommended products. Please note that we reserve the right to change or edit these links.
  10. We reserve the right to edit your article as we see fit. That includes editing the heading and titles of your article. Please carefully check the spelling and structure of your article before submitting. If your article is full of grammar errors or sloppily presented, we will reject it automatically.
  11. Any article that is submitted to 40+Style needs to be original and cannot be published anywhere else. It also needs to be 100% your own work.
  12. Only high quality articles are accepted and we can never guarantee that an article you submit will be published.
  13. You accept that 40+Style can reject your article with or without reason.
  14. If your article is accepted, please make sure to engage with the 40+Style audience and reply to any comments your article will get.
  15. You will not receive any compensation for a guest article(s). If you want to write for 40+style as a paid writer, please check out the writer application here.
  16. You agree that you are not part of the 40+Style website.
  17. You accept that 40+Style has the right to remove the article at any time for any reason.

How to submit an article?

  1. Please be sure to read the guidelines and follow the steps above. Submissions that do not meet these requirements will not get a reply.
  2. You are welcome to pitch the article idea to me before you write it and we will let you know if you are a good fit for 40+Style. Please present your ideas in a clear way and if you did not submit a full story include a link to one of your best articles.
  3. Please be sure to include the bio that you want included with your article, together with any optional link, so we can get an idea about who you are. This must be the same bio as you intend to publish with the article. Any submissions without a bio with the link will not get a reply.
  4. Send your article(idea) through the submission form below.
  5. By submitting a guest post to 40+Style, you agree that you have read this agreement and agree to be bound by it.

Are you keen to give it a go and help our fabulous community of women over 40 get inspired? I look forward to receiving your articles!