Colourful bags and wallets from MyWalit!

by Sylvia

Colourful handbags and wallets

My recent mini survey on my Facebook page revealed that most of you still wear too much black. So it’s still important to feature articles, products and clothes with COLOUR on this site. And no brand does colour better than MyWalit.

Now this is one brand I would gladly become an ambassador for (My Walit marketing people, please contact me!), I have been THAT impressed. I have had my MyWalit wallet for 3 years now (or is it even 4) and it still looks like brand new.

I kid you not.

Handbag and wallet from MyWalit

And that is for a wallet that has many different compartments and colours, all of which could easily tear, get stained etc. This is the only wallet I use and it gets moved from bag to bag, table to table. Still, no tears in the leather and no stains on the product.

That is impressive.

To the point that it almost becomes annoying, because I actually want to have a good reason to buy another one, as I’m actually tired of this particular colour palette. I have a bag too in the same colours, but it’s no surprise that that still looks like new as it hasn’t had too many outings. (remember I need BIG bags).

So I’m quietly thinking of replacing the wallet (and perhaps the bag too) with one of the delicious colour combinations currently available.



 Zip Round Purse

MyWalit zip round purse

Chameleon Hobo 3 in 1

Chameleon Hobo 3 in 1

Ipad Covers

Ipad covers

Some more options and colours below

These bags and wallets are like sweets in a candystore. Do you agree?

1 Marla

These bags are so nice, I just don’t know why I am always attracted to black leather bags. It’s so nice to add a pop of color to an outfit and this is a good way to do it. I’ll have to try to get out of my rut.

2 Sylvia

yes, give it a try Marla. It’s a great way to play with colour!

3 Suzanne

I have never heard of this brand but you have convinced me that they are a high quality product. 🙂 And yes – the colors are as appealing as candy in a sweet shop. Yummy!

4 Sylvia

Yes, I’m putting my reputation on the line. But I guess I have been a good tester! Let’s hope that they maintain their quality standards.

5 Rita

Gorgeous colors, and I LOVE the Zip Round Purse!! I’m going to look that up right now! I don’t wear black, but my bag collection is on the neutral side (saddle tan leather, taupe suede, a creamy/almond color, chocolate brown, etc. My favorite is my Ferragamo tote with a leopard on one side (their classic scarf print), a sea turtle on the other, with a floral background. It’s browns and beiges, with splashs of hot pink and white in the flowers. I’m going to be so sad when it wears out!

6 Sylvia

That sounds like a wonderful bag. I think you were the only one who had less than 25 % black in wardrobe. Well done!

7 Rita

Thanks! 🙂 I do have a lot of browns, creams, yellows, whites, and pinks and purples of various shades. I don’t have very much blue, and hardly any green or red, so I still have some branching out to do.

8 Heather Fonseca

You know I love my colorful bags! I wish I had a few more, as I think I’m lacking in pink.

9 Greetje

Hah, I have my red bag, my green bag and (of course) my yellow bag. But you are right, there is far to much black in my wardrobe. Really far too much.
These bags and wallets are delicious. Mouth watering. I am sitting on my hands now, trying not to spend more money than I already have.

10 Greetje

By the way your purple/pink bag and wallet are beautiful.

11 Sylvia

yes I have been surprised by the amount of black you wear now, just because it’s winter! It’s a pity as winter needs more colour, not less. Easy for me to say (I know) but the streets look so somber otherwise… But you have truly embraced the colourful bags!

12 Greetje

It has a lot to do with 1) what is for sale in the shops? In Holland a lot of black and I am not keen for online shopping. I want to feel it and try it on. With online purchades I keep walking to the post office. And 2) lack of fantasy. Combining with black is easy.

13 Sylvia

Yes, true and it’s important to have very good black basics for sure. But in terms of tops and jackets, I would say bring on the colour. It suits you so well!

14 Playing with Scarves

Bags are like scarves : they add the necessary touch of color to any outfit. We should all have a classic bag + a colorful one. It’s so fun.
I do have classic bags (Longchamp) and a few vivid ones. Right now, I fall for the latest Coach bags. We all need colors to brighten up our days.
Merry Christmas, dear Sylvia 🙂
Anne (Playing with Scarves)

15 Sylvia

yes we do!

16 Cliona

I absolutely love my walit wallets…and last week I just bought a green bag and a blue bag from their website! I haven’t got them yet…they are coming from Europe but I am very excited…. I am also a fan of black clothes but usually try to jazz up an outfit with shoes and bags!!

17 Sylvia

Have fun with your bag Cliona. My wallet and bag are STILL going strong.

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