Colour and fabulous 40+ style at Nankai’s 41st anniversary

by SylviaVDL

Nankai leather bags Singapore

Last week I was invited to the 41st anniversary of Nankai, a Singaporean brand that specializes in exotic leather fashion bags and leather goods made out of crocodile or python skin . Since this was a brand I had not yet discovered I was keen to attend. 

Nankai Singapore

It turned out to be quite a party. Nankai had invited the Chinese Women’s Association, some of whom also acted as models to showcase the bags. Everyone came dressed to the nines and I was glad to see that many embraced colour!

fashionable 40+ women in colourful outfits

Both the spectators and the models had a lot of fun with the fashion show.

Modelling bags

showcasing Nankai bags

There were also a few professional models who together with a stylist showed how to wear the bags. We were introduced to concepts like colour blocking and how these colourful bags can help integrate that trend into your wardrobe. But all my regular readers will already be familiar with that of course!

professional models

Nankai also embraces colour. Adding a bag is a favorite way of mine to add colour to an outfit and Nankai certainly came up with the goods. Wonderful bags in green, yellow purple, red. No wonder than that many women bought them up like cupcakes after the show, encouraged by a hefty 40% discount for the day. It was hard to resist myself but I succeeded!

Here are just some of the colourful bags that got my attention. They are like candies in a sweet store (only slightly more expensive).

Nankai colourful bags

Here is a picture of the whole Nankai team. It’s very much a family business with over 3 generations of the family involved.

Nankai family & team

And here is one with the owners, the designer and me.

Nankai anniversary celebration

I even bumped into one of my evening tennis buddies who looked absolutely smashing in this Issey Miyake top. Issey Miyake is one of my favorite designers and I love to own a garment of his one day. I was very inspired by his latest summer 2013 collection. I absolute love how she is combining all the colours. She could not resist the temptation of these sweet bags and bought this amazing green one. I was VERY tempted by this green belt…

Issey Miyake and nankai green bag

This is one of their latest designs: the bandage tote. Being a fan of versatile bags, as you all know, I love it. You can mix and match to create your own bag with all the belts. Either wear it as a plain black bag or add the belts in any colour you like. What’s more you can also wear these belts around your waist!

Nankai bandage tote

Nankai is definitely a brand to keep an eye on, but I’m afraid you will have to come to Singapore for them as there is no online store just yet. You can check them out on their website though.

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I love the look and colors! Not affordable for me, I expect. Also I am not a fan of ‘sturdy’ bags. I am more a ‘soft’ material bag girl. Can still be leather, yet foldable and flexible. I am not sure how I feel about the use of crocodile and python. On the other hand I do eat meat, so maybe I am being hypocritical then…

But the bags LOOK gorgeous, that’s for sure!!!


No the bags were certainly not cheep but the colours are amazing!


Oh Sylvia, how on earth did you resist these bags??? If it had been me in that store I would have gone bankrupt. These are so up my street. Contrary to Anja, these type of bags are exactly how I want them. But perhaps I would have been able to restrain myself if I saw the price.
For me they do not have to be crocodile or python, just leather would do just fine. Although it does give an extra. My black bag is like crocodile but not for real. It is fine leather though and was not cheap. I get a lot of compliments on it.


I’m indeed quite proud of myself Greetje!


What a wonderfull handbags, like Greetje I am totally in love with them. They are so special, when you wear one of those you only need a very simple dress, because the attention is all drawn to the back. I wouldn’t know which one to pick.

The Style Crone

Glorious, colorful bags. The temptation must have been overwhelming!


What fun and vibrant colors. I love adding a splash of color! It just seems to make a “joyful” statement.

Sarah Nicholson

I feel the same as Tangobabe in that I’m not that comfortable with crocodile and python. But then again, I question if I’m comfortable with cow leather. I guess the unfamiliar is uncomfortable for some folks. I love the Nankai colors!

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