When I received the batch of photos from New York Fashion week, these photos stood out. All these women wear spectacular colorful coats!

I have often advocated my love of seeing more colorful coats in winter so I was happy to see these.

Of course I realise that this kind of coat is not for everyone. Many of you would rather blend in rather than stand out.

Still I wonder if it may actually be good for some of you to step out of your comfort zone and wear that colorful coat! This kind of coat will give you no other option than to wear it with confidence. You might actually experience feeling more confident while wearing a coat like this. In any case you would have a day where you celebrate the FUN of fashion.

I actually think this would be a great experiment. If you have the opportunity to try it out (perhaps you can borrow a colorful coat from a friend) and see how you feel, I would be interested to hear your experience.

For now, let’s enjoy the fabulous coats of these women.

1. This coat complements her fabulous skirt


2. Simple and chic in a more classical style


3. This coat beautifully complements her black and white outfit. Great makeup and hair too.


4. This looks a bit like a cape which is unusual in red. This woman looks to have a more edgy style and I would have loved to see what she is wearing underneath the coat.


5. This fabulous red coat makes her mixed print outfit more polished and elegant.


6. An arty, bohemian style coat in a fabulous color.


7. The polkadot coat is fabulous but certainly not for the shy.


8. This looks like a fabulous purple coat with a white color block.


9. Short and practical red coat.


10. This coat is an art piece in itself. Stunning!


How do you feel about colorful coats? Would you dare wearing them? Which of these coats is your favorite?


Photography by Denton Taylor

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