Streetstyle inspiration: colorful and printed jackets! Which of these 7 outfits is your favorite?

by Sylvia

colorful and printed jackets! |

A while ago Nora already showed us how powerful and beautiful the jacket can be. They are an easy way to make an outfit look special and polished.

The colorful or printed jacket makes even more of a statement. Have a look at these fabulous jackets here and how they elevate the outfits!

flowercoatorangeflowerjacket bluejacket snakeprintjacket printedsuit  colorfuljacket

My favorite is the first jacket which looks gorgeous over that dress. Love the shoes with that outfit too!

Do you like a colorful jacket? Which is your favorite outfit from the above?


Photography by Denton Taylor

1 Randa J

The second one is my favorite. It’s long and very unique. I love it!

2 Sylvia

Yes love that one too!

3 Patti

So many beauties – I would choose the long blue print one if I could only pick one – I love the lines.

4 Sylvia

yes and that would look so chic with a one toned (black) outfit underneath!

5 Suzanne

That long printed coat is stunning.


6 Sabina @Oceanblue Style

Like the 2nd one. Its a bit pj style but love the fit and color. xo Sabina @Oceanblue Style

7 Laurie Nelson

I really liked the fourth one! Very timeless

8 denton

I love formal jackets, especially Chanel (or its imitators). Here, the woman with the blue leather jacket is simply gorgeous!

9 Bron

My favourites are the first and last one.

10 Rita

The first outfit is so pretty, with the jacket really brightening the black of the rest of the look. Perfect! I also love the look in photo number 5, with what appears to be a denim-colored skirt (wish I could see the shoes!). It looks very relaxed but still polished. The gal in the last photo looks like she was so busy picking out her fab jacket that she forgot her trousers.

11 Pauline

Love A Jacket. 2 Is My Favourite.

12 Summer

Love 2 and 3 I would wear both!

13 Trina

My favorite is the first one. Love how it adds to the dress, but how fun would this be with a pair of jeans, both skinnies and boy-friend.

14 Lawyerdoll

I adore all of these looks… except the first and the last. The black dress seems a touch too formal for the jacket in the first photo, IMHO… And the skirt in the last photo is waaaay too short for that jacket. The proportion is “off”, but the jacket would look amazing with pants, or even a pencil skirt. I also think that a very slim, tailored jacket like that doesn’t look right with an untailored-look skirt. A pencil skirt would look incredible with that jacket, though!

15 Greetje Kamminga

Number one is my favourite. There is one thing wrong with printed jackets though…. you don’t get much wear out of them. They are so conspicuous, you won’t wear them a lot.

16 Karen Ratzlaff

I could see myself wearing #5 all the time. It has a vintage appeal that I love 🙂

17 MJ

I Love the Blue jacket. I love it because of the colour and the dark navy trim on it and think it is a classic that would be stylish for a long time. It is rich looking and would be easily amp up your style even with just jeans.

18 Brittany

Number 2 is my favorite but i would not wear it with the belly-showing top. Number seven is great also but I think I would have worn pants instead of a short skirt…I don’t wear short skirts. I tend to be a bit conservative with my clothing cuts. 😛

19 Elizabeth Anderson

hi number 1 is my favourite

20 rosemary

The first one. The last one is my least favourite.

21 Sherry Edwards

I absolutely love jackets. All kinds, all lengths. Coloured and printed. I prefer jackets which are a bit unique and not one that most people would have or like. I usually wear a jacket as part of my look, it ties the outfit together. I especially adore the matching jacket and dress.

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