Gwyneth for Coach: great model, great bags

by Sylvia

Gwyneth paltrow for coach ad Madison coach bags range

The ads for Coach bags recently caught my eye for 2 reasons:

  1. 39 year old Gwyneth appears in the ads for this brand
  2. I’m actually quite impressed with the bags

coach madison range of bags purple and black
Madison Chevron Lindsey, no 18634, available in various colours

Gwyneth for Coach

This is another brand that has realised that older women are active buyers of luxury bags like coach and are featuring them in their ads. Ok, Gwyneth is not 40 yet, but at 39 she is vast approaching 40-hood. Although I’ve never been a huge fan of Gwyneth as an actress (Really, the Oscar in 1998 should have gone to Cate Blanchett!) she is known for her wonderful sense of style.

In these ads she looks absolutely amazing. She doesn’t look like a 20 year old and is stylish while also having lots of fun in the photoshoot. How wonderful to see a smiling model promoting a bag for once! I can even imagine why she is smiling, because these bags actually look nice AND are practical, which brings me to point 2.

coach handbags natural colors madison
top left: Madison gathered leather Sofia no. 18620, top right: Madison Caroline, metallic no. 18744, down left: madison gathered leather Lindsey 18643, down right embossed croc no. 18644

2. The bags are stylish and practical

Gwyneth is promoting the New York inspired Madison range of bags and many bags in this range seem to have everything I like in a bag.

  • They are made of beautiful leathers. I like the textured leathers like gathered leather, croc embossed and patent leather to name just a few.
  • They are not overly complicated and kept relatively simple.
  • Most of them are big enough to fit all my stuff in. Yes, I like my bags quite big.
  • Many come with handy shoulder straps.
  • They come in many gorgeous colors like all the basic browns but also plum, black, yellow and red, which is a current favorite.

coach madison red bags

The carry all below is very practical and stylish too…

Coach Madison bags
Madison patent Maggie, no. 18760

I’m in the market for a red and black bag so will be looking out for these. Of course these bags are not cheap, so I may have to wait until they go on sale (if they ever will…). I have come to see a good bag as an investment piece though, so who knows I may just be tempted.

How about you? How much would you spend on a good quality bag? Do you see anything you like here?

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I will spend quite a lot on a good quality bag, provided it’s something I don’t believe will ever look dated. And I like my bags to be big, as well.


How much is a lot? Would you cross the 1k line? I have not yet gone that far as I’ve managed to find some good bags in the sale…

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