What to wear to a christmas party: affordable options!

by Sylvia

Christmas party outfits for women over 40

Update: for additional ideas and suggestions for this year also see how to dress for a holiday party!

Christmas is fast approaching and with it Christmas parties. So what will you wear this year? I had a look online for some affordable options.

A dress

When it comes to parties,  nothing beats a dress. It’s the most party-like garment to wear and perhaps also the most simple. Find a great dress and your most fabulous shoes and you are done! If you need more warmth combine with a chic cardigan or jacket.

A pant suit

black and red combinations

However, pants are very much in favour this year. And you may prefer to be comfortable and warm with a nice pant suit or pants and blazer combination. I very much love pant suits in one colour this season, but you can also combine the trusted colours black, red and white for a chic, christmassy feel. Combine with some hip booties! Cropped, tapered pants are all the trend this season as you can see from these pictures, but you will look equally good (maybe even better) with straight or flared pants.

Add some bling

green tops for christmas parties

If you are normally not so much into wearing a lot of bling, this may be the time to do it and get your sequins out. I like this sequins cardigan from Zara, which would look fabulous with straight black pants and a white shirt. Very chic! This is also the perfect time of year to wear lace, like the lovely peplum version on the left.

So what will you wear?

Of course there are many more options. A wide black skirt comes to mind with a peplum top. Here are some items you can buy right now.

What are you planning on wearing to Christmas parties this coming December?

1 Suzanne

My first Christmas party is this weekend and I am excited! There will be champagne (waving at Anja!) and the fancy little bites I adore. I am wearing a simple, long sleeved burgundy dress with matching tights and heeled booties. Then Marianne inspired me to add my sequined leopard print clutch. I will keep the “bling” to diamond studs. The next party is in a local restaurant so I will probably wear black and gray brocade pants with my leather peplum top that finally arrived after 4 months. I will need to wear a thin sleeved top under it or a jacket over it. This crowd is mostly Engineers and you have to be careful to not overwhelm them! Rita understands. 🙂 The next event is in a private home and I think jeans and a festive top under a blazer is an appropriate look. This couple cooks a lovely meal for about 30 friends. Then I have a rather formal event. I have 3 blue dresses to choose from but I think I will go with the lace 3/4 sleeved look. This is the year for lace. Here is the best part. I had to find a new hair stylist after 20 years of going to the same girl (due to illness). It was very traumatic but I have found a young stylist who is fresh and cute and who loves my hair. If I wash it, she blows it out and styles it for $15! So I can have my hair professionally done for each party and that makes me so happy! I love parties. And dressing up. And getting my hair done. December is my favorite month of the year.

2 Sylvia

Wow all your outfits sound absolutely fabulous Suzanne. And getting your hair styled for $15 is a bargain. I need to find someone like that!

3 Greetje

Lovely so many parties. But also very exhausting. All your choices sound terrific. And I am sure they are too.
I can do my own hair very well, fortunately. But I used to have a similar deal when I was younger.

4 Rita

You are so social, Suzanne!!! Oh yes, you don’t want to send any of those engineers into shock…LOL!!! 😀 Have a great time!

5 Suzanne

Greetje – I have no doubt about your abilities as a hair stylist. 🙂 You always look so put together and perfect from head to toe. 🙂 I do not even own a curling iron – and if I did I would probably injure myself every other day. LOL!
Rita – every love of my life has been an Engineer – but they see the world in their own way. 🙂 Hubs and I have been married 23 years and he still does not get the fashion thing! But he “lets” me dress him so we dwell in harmony. 🙂

6 Greetje

Hahaha, “we dwell in harmony”. What a wise man. He knows when to take advice. He acknowledges the fact there is a field where he has no expertise, so better to listen to those who have.
PS, I don’t have skills as a hair stylist, nor do I own a curling iron. Just a blowdryer.

7 Rita

I’m lucky that my hubby engineer of 26 years likes to look spiffy so he’s open to suggestions (and agrees that leather-soled shoes are almost always best). I chalk up my appreciation for a well made shoe and handbag to my own engineering/science background. Honestly clothes frustrate me because there is no consistency (am I a 6 or a 10 in this store??) and I find most women’s clothes to be incredibly cheaply made, no matter what the price tag. I stick to a few brands I trust and hope I can find appropriate things there. Since I don’t actually do the party thing, that takes a bit of stress off.

8 Marla

I’m more of a pantsuit person, but you’re right, you can dress things up by adding a little touch of bling.

9 Sylvia

Pants suits are hot this season, so go for it!

10 Nanne

I’m definitely a dress person when it comes to dressing up, and even if I don’t have a large selection of dresses, I have enough to cover the holiday season. I just bought a lovely burgundy dress that I’ll be wearing for a Christmas party soon, and I’ll probably wear it on Christmas Eve as well. I also have a lovely champagne coloured bouclè dress with small sequins and 3/4 sleeves which I’ll be wearing for going out, and a beautful black chiffon dress that I got from my husband 10 years ago that I’ll wear for New Years eve. I also have a lovely beige sequin skirt that I’ll wear with a cashmere sweater for less dressy occasions.

I love your selection of dresses!

11 Sylvia

Sounds great Nanne. Seems like you have a great selection and I’m very impressed that you still have a good dress from 10 years ago. I am yet to acquire a sequins piece and I’m afraid that it will not happen this year either, as I’m in The Philippines for Christmas with very few parties to attend.

12 Greetje

Ah poor you. (Or not?)

13 Sylvia

Not at all Greetje. We chose to go there to see whale sharks and turtles! Our “Cold” holiday will be in Easter this year when we go to Norway to go and see the Northern Light.

14 Heather Fonseca

Last year I wore my red jeans to a party and liked the look. This year I’d like to update it with a sequin top, or maybe shift gears into a sequin skirt! LA is really casual, so getting too dressed up is a no-no, and I do have a party coming up. Not sure what ill wear! Thanks for the ideas.

15 Sylvia

I look forward to seeing your outfit Heather!

16 Greetje

If I were to follow this article I would wear my 7/8 black trousers, red peplum top and black high heels. I have uploaded them a short while ago to the Forum:

But I have already worn that to a party where most of the same people were, who are going to be there at Christmas too.
So I have uploaded three festive outfits to the Forum. You can help me choose.


17 Suzanne

Darn! On the Forum I suggested you wear your red peplum top for Christmas dinner but that is not going to work. Okay – back to the Forum and a better idea!

18 Sylvia

yes, that would have been a great look Greetje, but I’m sure you have many more fabulous looks in your closet!

19 Greetje

Forgot to say, I really like the pant suit examples in this article. They give me ideas for my black trouser suit, although that is double breasted, which is less easy to combine with a top I think.

20 Rita

All of those outfits are really pretty. Have fun, everyone!

21 Seeker

Those are great suggestions and inspirational tips.
I’ll be spending Christmas Eve and New Year’s with my sister and her family in Canada 🙂
It will be a casual family party, so no need for very fancy looks, but full of love.

22 Playing With Scarves

Hi dear Sylvia!
Thanks for all the ideas.
I really love the green dress (top right, first row) with the green pumps (top left).
Last year I wore a black skirt with a taffetas blouse (brown-gold; interchanging colors) tied with a huge knot on the side. This year I will go black and blue with a touch of silver. It will match the blue decorations of…… our Christmas tree. LOL, but true:-)
Anne (Playing with Scarves)

23 Sam

Love all of those blazers

24 jess

I am slowly working on my blog and will publish by Christmas. I am fair skinned, copper red hair, and 5’9/120 pounds. I wasnt sure whether I was going to wear a skirt and blouse and bling with jewelry, but I have a disease called Ehlers-Danlos, in which I have chronic pain, so there are no pants or anything clingy.
I am probably going with a red lace sheath dress ( from the Anna Karenina collection : Banana Republic 2012) except red( they had black). I may pair it with a black fur round collar ( faux), pearls, black opaque tights, and since I can’t wear heels due to my illness, they will be a cute pair of ballerina flats. I also planned on accenting it with a thin black bow belt., and antique earrings.

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