Celebrating the arty flat sandal

by Sylvia

best arty flat sandal

The heeled shoe is much celebrated on the Internet but we really should not forget about the stylish and arty flat. Many of you prefer to walk in flats and in my opinion they can be just as stylish and hip.

Provided of course that you choose a really modern and preferably arty one. Luckily there are so many nice ones to choose from at the moment. Have a look at the many options below. These are all shoes I would love to own myself.


If you still need more guidance on how to wear flats then check out my guidelines in ‘How to wear flat shoes“.

For a full list of all my favorite shoes that includes lots of great mid heel shoes, be sure to check the full list of shoes. I also have a great selection of arch support shoes here. Use as inspiration or happy shopping!

Will you embrace your flat sandals this summer?


1 Rebecca

Great flats – I loved so many of them!

2 The Style Crone

I find myself attracted to flat shoes more and more, and the photos above are very appealing. This is a new area to explore and you have inspired me.

3 Ofelia

Sylvia, what a collection! My favorite are the green and yellow and the blues ones.
I was all about flats but unfortunately after I was hit by another car last year, my back is not the same so I have to wear something with a bit of a heel or some kind of support.

4 Chicatanyage

I love flat sandals. Lovely selection

5 Dez

Just what I need to purchase right now, I was just thinking about what kinds of flat sandals do I want for this summer. This is a great selection you’ve assembled. With do many choices its really hard to pick. I think I’ll just take them all, LOL.

6 Greetje

Since my last buy I can say I like flats. For the first time in my life. I am with Ofelia as I like the green with yellow sandals (of the above shown) best. Obviously, as they resemble my own new sandals.

7 Petra

These are my types of sandals for sunny Queensland. I only wear this type – however the photos above show some amazing shoes – I never see ones that look at good as those. Wish we had more variety. Will now read your article on “how to wear your flat shoes”!!!

8 Rita

The Nicholas Kirkwood sandals are dreamy!! I love the little ties! I always have a pair of flat sandals for summer, though I do need a smidge o a heel ( 1/4-1/2″ ) as that seems to be more supportive for my feet.

9 Laura

These are all very pretty! However, I’m not sure how great these are for women over forty. I found that during my 40s, I ceased being able to wear any shoes without some sort of arch support and a more cushy insole. I suppose they are OK if one doesn’t have to walk far!

10 Sylvia

I find these still a lot more comfortable than heels. I will try and create another list for shoes with arch support!

11 Heidi / Frantic But Fabulous

Great choices! The vast majority of my sandals are flat and it’s always nice to find less pedestrian options (pardon the pun).

Side question — how did you create the image collage?

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