Do you prefer casual or business attire to work?


What I wore JNBY dress to business lecture Global Google Girl

I’m a member of a business women’s organization here in Singapore and recently they organised a business lecture called Global Google Girl. The speaker was Aliza Knox, Managing Director, Online Sales Group – Japan and Asia Pacific, Google.

So what to wear? I could have gone for a strictly business attire (pants and a shirt will always do for that) but instead I opted for something more fun. Inspired by all the tight fitting dresses of the fall 2011 collection, i opted for what comes closest in my wardrobe: this blue a-symetrical dress by JNBY. 

Most of the women there had their normal business attire on so it came as a bit as a surprise when Aliza (who is 51 by the way) showed up on stage wearing a very casual outfit with jeans and t-shirt. According to Eliza, it’s her usual business attire at Google and it was what she wore that day to work. It certainly looks very comfortable. It’s the Google way and everyone can dress the way they like. Or is casual attire perhaps compulsory there?

Casual or business attire

Still, I’m not sure if I liked it. I would have preferred to see her in something more dressy and feminine.

Eliza proved to be a fun presenter indeed. Full of humor and very casual also in her way of speaking and connecting to people. No wonder she was voted the most Googly person at work! How she manages this high profile career, with lots of travelling and meetings and still has energy left to raise her children, I have no idea though.

What do you think of this way of dressing to work? Would you like to go to work this casual each day or do you like the fact that there is a bit of a business dress code?

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1 V Davisson

I’m sorry but that Google executive’s outfit is awful. She might dress like that for work at her office, but to me such attire is unacceptable in other parts of the world, especially for a speech. I think it shows disrespect or flippancy for the audience. If I were her friend, I’d take her to a makeover expert and work on hair, outfits, shoes and makeup. She’d look 20 years younger if she dressed herself properly.

Your dress is really pretty and the shoes are darling. I tend to wear jackets because the air conditioning makes rooms so cold, and I like the look, too, but I imagine Singapore is much too warm for that. So, good job!


2 Sylvia

Hi V. thanks for visiting and leaving your comment. I think you’re right that she would have looked a lot better with more feminine clothes, but I also admire people that are just themselves no matter what. I wonder though if you CAN actually be super feminine and hip at Google. Maybe that would be frown upon…
Thanks for you your compliments on my dress. I would love to wear more jackets. Indeed you would still need them in Singapore if you are working in an office as the aircon is very cold there. I work in my own home office though and I keep the temperature nicely under control. However, I never leave home without a scarf or cardigan in my bag…


3 tg33

I have a friend who worked in google, yes they do all dress like that!

I have dressed like that (jeans and a tee) all my working life. I love the way dresses and skirts look, but I feel like an alien when I wear them!


4 Sylvia

Hi tg33,, Thanks for your comment! So long as you feel great in those clothes than that’s great!


5 Terri

The dress you wore is very striking! I work in academia and though I could get away with being as casual as the speaker you heard, most days I dress up. It commands a sort of respect from my students, and in a world where the opportunities to dress nicely sometimes seem to dwindle, dressing up for work is FUN.


6 Sylvia

Hi Terri, thanks for leaving your comment. Yes, it is. It’s different anyway! I totally agree with you statement. When you dress up it’s both fun for yourself and all the people around you.


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