Bring on the colorful coats – 11 coats to brigthen up your day

by Sylvia

colorful print jackets for winter

As I live in a sunny climate where colors are abundant, I was quite shocked of how drab and somber everything looked on the streets of Europe. There was hardly any color to be found on the streets, where everyone seemed to wear boring coats in dark colors. Black was the norm with the occasional brown and grey.

Now, I do realise that black can be practical as an overcoat but it really does nothing to lift the often somber winter mood and most people, especially women over 40, look much better with a bit more color. So I think that everyone living in colder climates should invest in a colorful coat. If it doesn’t lift your own spirits, then at least the street will look a lot brighter and sunnier and you will make other people happier!

I did a bit of searching and found lots of colorful winter coats. Many of which are now on sale.

Winter coats with fun patterns (see picture above)

  1. This Desigual Coat with Long Sleeve Tweed Embroidered Plaid looks very stylish
  2. This Block-color wool-blend bouclé coat from Bottega Veneta is currently on sale. Still very pricy, but oh so gorgeous.
  3. You will definitely make a statement with this Desigual Coast Posthuman women

Bring on the orange! – premium coats

tangerine and orange coatsTangerine Tango, a variation of orange, has been chosen by Pantene as the 2012 color of the year and a fabulous coat is an excellent way to add some orange to your wardrobe. Here are some wonderful coats from premium brands, but I’m sure we will see more (affordable) orange coats in the coming season as well.

  1. This crepe wool coot from Marni is on sale at the moment
  2.  Also on sale this Alberta Ferretti double breasted wool coat
  3.  Also nice is this Tibi boucle cotton-blend coat
  4.  This fun Burberry Brit Burnt Orange Short Trench Coat would be a great addition to your wardrobe as well

All colors – affordable coats (all on sale!)

Colorful Asos winter coatsThis time of year is a great time to buy a colorful coat. You still get a lot of wear out of your coat this year and since most coats are now on sale, prices are very affordable. These colorful fun coats from Asos will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

  1. 1. This red ASOS Coat With Fold Over Funnel Collar is sweet!
  2. I’m also loving this bright cobalt blue Curve Exclusive Pleated Swing Coat
  3. And you will really stand out with this turquoise A-line coat with buttons
  4. This green coat with buttons is gorgeous as well!

What do you think? Will you brighten up the streets with a colorful coat?


I have seen that first plaid Desigual coat in real life and loved it – it has a dragonfly on the back! But it was too big for me. It is not as easy to find colored outerwear in petite sizes. They are sold but you have to look harder. 🙂 I think next Fall I will try to find a long wool coat in red. Meanwhile, I add color to my drab Winter looks with bright hats, scarves, and gloves. And today a buyer at Nordstrom talked me into an orange and leopard pair of Rayban sunglasses to wear now and into the Spring. They do make me feel fab. I am also thinking I could buy a belt in a larger size and try wearing it over a wool coat. I am going to be more creative in putting together looks.


If you add a little color to your outerwear, then that already makes a big difference. But I hope you will get a red coat next year!

The Style Crone

Beautiful examples of colorful coats. Nothing better to take through grey and chilly days!


Thanks, I know I don’t have to convince you to wear one!


I think that because the Europeans get to wear their coats a lot they tend to wear more practical colors. Dry cleaning coats is a pain !!
Here I need a coat for maybe 1 month of the year & really have to set a good case well in advance in order to buy a new one 🙂
Love the dark green coat !


True, but still… If I was to live in Europe now, I would have 1 practical coat and the rest would be colorful or fashionable. I think that if you live in a cold climate with cold weather for at least 6 months, you can justify buying a new coat at least once a year. Thanks for commenting, tweeting and adding the coats to Pinterest!

Heather Fonseca

I really don’t need heavy winter coats here, but I’ve definitely been purchasing more bright colors this fall/winter. Currently I only have two black jackets and one black vintage coat, the rest is all plain, brown or some other color.
But how I would love to add that orange burberry trench to the mix! Unfortunately it’s a bit too expensive for my budget!


Yes it’s pretty expensive. I still like to include expensive items for inspiration though. You may run into a cheaper interpretation and will then know it’s fashionable and may consider buying it.


I have lots of colour and patterns in my clothes and I find that often the colorful (pattern) coats clash with what I am wearing underneath. You arrive at a restaurant and you have to take off your coat very fast otherwise you look silly. I only have one jacket which is red with a bit of black. Lovely jacket but I cannot wear it a lot. Also it is very hard to find a good, warm coat in colours. That is … within a reasonable budget. But I still agree with you. Once I had a red parka coat with a fur rim. Wore the thing year after year until its shape was really out of style. That was a very, very expensive coat in the sale for 25% of the price. Apparently nobody dared wearing a red coat.


I just know that the streets of Europe need it! Online there seem to be quite a few nice colorful coats, but yes I know Holland can be a challenge for that…

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