Many of you will know that I believe in the power of jewelry to enhance a look. The right necklace, earrings, bracelet or ring can elevate your look, add more sparkle and color or make your outfit more hip or distinguished.

Kanika is as passionate about jewelry as I am.

So passionate in fact that she decided to design her own line: Taula. Today I like to introduce you to this new fabulous brand and the beautiful woman behind it!

Gold cuff from Taula jewelry |

Can you tell us a bit more about why you started this business? Why the passion for jewelry?

I love jewelry, always have for as long as I can remember and have always looked to jewelry to accessorize. The idea for Taula came about from my search for high quality jewellery, which could serve the dual purpose of complementing female work-wear, while also being highly wearable in casual settings.

I couldn’t fathom paying top dollar for fashion jewellery that wouldn’t hold value, or paying extremely high mark-ups for the big name jewellery brands. They both challenged my financial sensibilities of value. My mother, a practicing doctor, would often craft specific jewellery pieces through her goldsmith and adopting this practice myself allowed me to control the design and quality of craftsmanship.

Taula is also about the online shopping experience. My vision from the start was to lead with top notch customer service and a seamless shopping experience. This allows us to satisfy three critical drivers – Design, Material & Price. As a result, in 2013 – Taula was born.

Kanika from Taula jewelry design |

What does the Taula brand stand for? What is its philosophy?

I chose the name ‘Taula’ for two reasons. It is derived from the Sanskrit word “tola”, a Vedic measure that refers to 10 grams of pure gold. I was also inspired by the ancient stone megaliths, called Taulas on the Spanish island of Menorca, which are believed to be a place of healing and divine worship. The word represents purity, empowerment and timelessness, characteristics I look to instil in every one of my pieces.

I would like for Taula Jewelry to become the accessories equivalent of the “Little Black Dress“ offering women everywhere who strive to fulfil and excel in multiple roles as career women, professionals, mothers or caregivers, the perfect pieces to complement their busy lifestyles and attires.

Kanika from Taula jewelry design |

How does jewelry enhance a woman’s style in your opinion?

Jewelry plays so many roles through a woman’s life journey, starting from her first friendship bracelet and dainty earrings as a little girl to the milestones of diamond engagement rings & precious stone wedding jewellery.

Mostly jewelry is designed and adorned to be noticed. I try to design jewelry for being remembered.


Dressing up to differentiate (whether in a professional or a social setting) is all about attention to detail and polish in both communication and presentation. Accordingly, I believe in investing in high quality pieces with unique designs that demonstrate the thought you’ve put into your appearance allowing you to stand out.

Depending on what you do, you spend the most hours of your day with your work colleagues, peers, industry specialists, other parents and people in your social circles – who will inevitably notice and remember your design choices. Slowly, they will start associating these pieces with you and your personal sense of style. This association goes a long way in building your unique brand.

And we all know the value of building a brand.


How would you describe your own style and what are its main components?

My style definitely leans more towards timeless rather than trendy. I admire classic wear and believe in subtle more than standing out. The most I have ever altered from this is in college when I went through the silver-chunky-rings-in-all-fingers phase in college (some were even shaped like snakes & skulls!).

As for shopping for clothes specifically, I prefer quality over quantity and value over brands. The clothes I buy are usually in neutral/universal shades (solids or pastels), which can be used as a foundation for several looks. I love deal shopping and would only pay more if I am sure that the clothes are very well-tailored and have contemporary cuts.

What are your best tips for 40+ women to improve their style through accessories and jewelry?

The style tips really vary for the different lifestyles.

For instance for working women, they need jewelry that will be easy to go from desk to dinner.

For travel-based lifestyles, I would recommend something a lot more laid back. However, when buying precious metals make sure that the designs are versatile, so you can get the most out of your purchase.

General rule for me though is: less is definitely more, and I have seen very few women over 30, do justice to an accessories overload. I always suggest that pick any two central accessories – say one bold cuff, with attractive yet understated earrings. The cuff will demonstrate that you have your pulse on fashion, however, the subtle earrings will provide the sophisticated balance.

Or pick a long necklace – well-designed and good quality and wear it with dangling earrings – again classy meets fashionable.

Similarly bold statement ring goes really well with either a bold pendant/necklace or earrings.

Much like the texture of fabric and fit go a long way in choosing attires, similarly, high quality and finish go a long way in picking the right accessories.

Which are your personal favourites from your collection and why?

It’s really tough coming up with a few favourites, as it’s like picking between one’s children. I know I am being a bit dramatic!
However, the Black & White diamond necklace in 18K Gld (34”) remains my all-time favourite – this necklace is the reason Taula came about. I designed this from scratch, 3 years ago for a milestone work-anniversary, and had it forged in gold and diamonds several times before it was ready!

Black & White diamond necklace in 18K Gld - Taula |

I can wear it in 4 ways – long, wrapped twice or thrice and finally with a knot. It goes with everything and instantly makes even simple jeans-top look professional. It’s always a conversation starter and I have received several compliments on this necklace.

Another piece is – Forward First brooch. I have worn this brooch to interviews, meetings, and evening dinners and it has never failed me. It’s very classy!

Forward First brooch - Taula |

Radianz cuff is also a great choice, as it’s very glamorous and eye-catching. It’s versatile and simply gorgeous, if I am allowed to say so myself.

Radianz cuff  - Taula |

One final pick – Garnet Quartz Mesh Earrings. Ever since I have had them, I have never had to think twice about the eternal question of “what to wear?”!

 Garnet Quartz Mesh Earrings - Taula |

For all these fabulous pieces and more, be sure to visit Taula’s online shop!

Which of Taula’s designs is your favorite?


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Taula

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