Anja in her black & white & colour inspired outfit!

by Sylvia

Black and white polkadot blouse

Last week I wrote an article about wearing black & white. But wearing it in such a way that you can incorporate some of the major 2012 Spring trends:

So it was a real surprise that Anja showed up that same day at our lunch appointment incorporating all those!

black and white polkadots

She proves that you can keep it decidedly simpler than my all out colourful outfit I showed you earlier. But she does have a few patterns (shoes & shirt), one extra colour (coral), a clear black and white combi, and I would say that this look is also very ladylike!

Wearing black, white, pattern and red

Anja is also a master of accessories. Although she has kept things fairly simple today, her creativity can be found in her shoes where has used one of Heels Diva’s shoe accessories. Anja is know for clipping those into her hair as well!

So big kudos to Anja for taking such swift action on the day and doing something with my tips!

Anja wearing polkadots

Skirt, singlet, blouse, belt clip all from H&M
Shoe clips: Heels Diva Shoe Accessories

 Have you been able to combine all 4 elements in one outfit this week?



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Well done Anja! Love the blouse, wouldn’t mind that one myself.
And the belt nicely pops the colour. I bought two dead cheap coloured belts and immediately the paint/colour came off. So much for my bargains.
You look feminine, chearful and fun in this outfit.


Tx, dear!;-)


Wow, I want this whole outfit!!! It looks so great. So feminine and playful too. Lovely on you.

josep-maria badia

A lovely outfit, a great combination. I love the black and white with red touch. And the shoes are gorgeous. Anja is very elegant and beautiful. I agree with the proposal in my blogs. Congratulations.


Anja proves once again how chic she is.

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