Best shoe trends and shoes for fall 2015

by Sylvia

Best shoe trends and shoes for fall 2015  |

Shoes are important in any wardrobe. A great pair of shoes can truly lift your outfit or give a simple outfit a modern edge.

Let’s look at the shoe trends for fall 2015 and some of my favorite shoes in stores now. I have tried to include comfort shoe brands into each of the selections for each trend.

Inspired by the men

This is a great trend in terms of comfort as men’s inspired shoes tend to more more bulky and comfortable. Great with pants and some skirts.




I love the new range of more graphicial shoes which will look great with both pants, dresses and skirts. These shoes are especially fabulous with a neutral outfit but you can also have fun with the pattern mixing trend.

Mary Jane


It’s the season of the eledgant Mary Jane. Available in all kinds of heel lengths from the super chic to the super comfortable. These look especially good with skirts and dresses but will look fabulous with cropped pants too.

Block heels

I have always been a fan of the block heel as I find these a lot easier to wear. If you like them too, then this is the season to stock up on them!

Patch work


Tying in with the boho 70s trend these shoes are very trendy and fun. Fabulous with your fabulous flared pants or flowy skirts. I suggest wearing those UGG boots for indoor only though!

Higher booties


Booties have gone a bit higher this season. Great to wear with the many versions of cropped pants available now. If you wear these in the same color as your pants you also avoid the shortening effect of cropped pants.

Other trends

Other trends include Over the Knee boots and shorter booties are still going strong too.

The best trendy AND comfortable shoes

I have updated my page on arch support shoes with the best and most hip shoes from comfort shoe brands for this season. Be sure to check out the selection. Also, if you have a good experience with a particular brand, be sure to add your comments and recommendations to that article!

Which shoes are on your wish list this season?


1 Rebecca

I love the beautiful assortment of shoes you have shown here. I don’t wear heels and love the booties in particular. Thank goodness the block heel is in. Thin high heels in NYC is crazy!

2 Greetje

Any kind of shoe is my shoe really. Going crazy for shoes these days. I am very happy with my latest additions but I am sure there will be more to come.

3 Petite Silver Vixen

You’re becoming the Queen of Shoes, Greetje! You’ve found some great ones recently.

4 Petite Silver Vixen

I’m with Rebecca, I’m glad that block and mid-block heels are en vogue this year. I’ve stocked up on a few pairs! I refuse to teeter around in stilts – they only go to emphasize my shortness of stature whereas block mid heels give me enough lift to balance my proportions without crippling my feet! Some great colours and styles here.

5 Elaine

I love the color block shoes, especially, the Preens. Booties are a must for fall and winter where I live. I am a fan of the block heel too. So comfortable to walk on.

6 Lisa

I like the color block but don’t find them very practical — there’s only so many outfits to wear them with. I like the patchwork but have the same feelings. Especially if I’m buying a higher quality shoe, I need to wear it A LOT for it to make sense for me.

Block heels are comfortable, but sometimes feel matronly.

And then there is the fact that I really stocked up on flats when they were “in” and I think my husband may make me move out of the bedroom if I bring another pair of shoes home.

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