The best riding boots for this fall

by Sylvia

the best riding boots

Boots are a favorite amongst my readers and would be with me too, but it’s just something that you cannot wear here in Singapore. Or perhaps I should say, I choose not to wear, because even in this tropical weather I see some women, if very few, in boots. Currently the only 2 pairs of long boots I have are from my time in Shanghai where I had them custom made for me

Still, it’s fair to say that I only really like one particular type of boots which are snug riding boots, which happen to be very much on trend right now. These kind of boots make your legs look slim and tall and you will be able to wear them with a dress, skirt and of course pants. I like boots in either a brown or black and they will need to fit your calves very snugly. This is one reason I had them custom-made in Shanghai, because many boots are simply too wide on the calves for me and I don’t find that a flattering look at all. I’m not a big fan of tucking trousers into boots either so I would buy them to fit my calves. This would still enable me to wear the boots with leggings as well, but it would be tight (which is just how I like it).

Ines de la Fressagne also mentions riding boots as one of her shoe essentials in her book Parisian Chic and in her opinion riding boots need to resemble riding boots as much as possible. Apparently some parisiennes have their boots custom-made in specialty equestrian stores!

So I had a look around what boots are available and which ones I would be tempted with if I were to buy new boots today. Here is my selection.

Which ones do you like?


1 Suzanne

I LOVE BOOTS! LOVE! I do not think I have ever met a boot I would not wear. Short, tall, over the knee – every color, every material. Flat, low heeled, platforms, high heeled – rugged to cocktail wear. Zippered, laced, pull-on. They are my favorite thing – I could happily live without diamonds, furs, or the latest purse but I have to have my boots. And riding boots are huge this season. I bought a pair of yellow suede (to wear for football games as that is my team’s color) and a pair of burgundy leather that update every casual dress and skirt in my closet. 🙂 I was able to spend some time visiting my son recently in his amazing college town. Even though the temps were still in the 60s(F) every female of every age was in some type of boot and I adored all of them. These “girls” looked chic and stylish. I got so many great outfit ideas it would take me a year to try them! And one of my favorite ways to wear boots is over jeans or leggings. Riding boots look awesome over a tight pair of pants. 🙂
Of the boots you picked, I like the Tory Burch pair best.

2 Sylvia

I think you would struggle in Singapore Suzanne. It’s just too hot here year-round! Yes riding boots would look great over very tight jeans as well.

3 Rita

FUN!! When I saw this post I thought of Suzanne and her warning that I’d be buying boots…LOL!! You were right, Suzanne!

All the boots look great (gotta love Ralph Lauren!). I just bought a pair of L.K. Bennett “Stanley” boots in chocolate brown…they have a buckle AND a tassle at the top. How fun! They are a bit tight around my calf (skating does that!), but I can get them zipped then after a while they relax. I’ll have to wear them with tights only as not even skinny jeans would fit tucked in (which is fine since I don’t wear skinny jeans). I love them.

4 Sylvia

Sounds like the perfect pair of boots Rita!

5 Rita

Thanks! I’m looking forward to a cold fall/winter to get lots of wear out of them…brings the cost/wear down. 🙂

6 Rita

Oh, and your custom made boots are amazing! I hope you get to wear them when you are on travel to cooler locations!

7 Sylvia

I do, but then I usually have to choose between my black and brown ones. My brown ones often don’t make it….

8 Suzanne

I knew you’d come over to the dark side Rita! LOL! The L.K. Bennett “Stanleys” are beautiful! I am very happy for you. Tassels are so “in” – on shoes and purses – this season and will still be big in the Spring.
Nordstrom just started to carry the L.K. Bennett line so I have not tried them on yet but the royal Kate loves that brand and I am sure they are awesome.
Sylvia – I have already explained to my husband that we can never, ever move anywhere where the weather will not allow me to wear my beloved boots. He is just going to have to continue to freeze all Winter so that I can be happy. 🙂

9 Sylvia

Haha Suzanne. That’s so funny. I’m still a summer girl. Although it’s too hot here, I still prefer it over the cold winter.

10 Rita

Haha! Thanks, Suzanne! I don’t buy/wear jewelry or make-up for that matter, so I figure I can indulge a bit in shoes and bags. 🙂 I love coats, too. Yes, try on the L.K. Bennetts. SOme of the heels are a bit high for me, but as soon as I see a pair of wedges in a color I need, I’m trying those on, too. 🙂

I love summer, too…all seasons really as I get bored quickly. It’s nice to know that a change is always just around the corner. 🙂

11 Greetje

I like boots in all kind of ways as well. And I don’t mind if they stand off a little at the knee. I once had a pair of lovely brown boots taken in at the top because they were a bit wide at the top. Totally ruined them.
I like the Calvin Klein ones (surprisingly affordable) and the Burberry’s. Love the colour and details of the Tory Burch but the shoe part of the boots looks too long for me. The Gucci’s are really nice too. I have two pairs in the colour of Franco Sarto, one pair with high heels and one pair flat and I have a pair of black riding boots with suede partly covering them, so I think I will stop here. Although burgundy….. Hmmm. Or custom made boots, would not that be great.

12 Sylvia

I look forward to seeing all your boots outfit the coming season Greetje!

13 Debbie

Here’s my problem with boots, I’m 5’2 and feel just too short to pull it off…

14 Sylvia

I think you can still wear them. Make sure that they are a tight fit and wear tall boots. It’s extra lengthening if you wear boots in the same colour as your skirt / dress / trousers

15 Marianne

Last year when our Ladiesday was in Haarlem again, I asked my girlfriends if they would like to shop with me for boots. We visited nearly 16 shops before I found the right pair. I need a zipper from top to bottom and the inside has to be leather too. Otherwise I cannot put them on myself. And we succeeded. I have a pair of very stylish black boots which I can wear with treggings and leggings. I am very happy with them they are timeless and chic. Lucky me.

16 Sylvia

I look forward to seeing them some time Marianne!

17 Heather Fonseca

I like all your choices! The one thing I don’t like in boots, most of the time, are super high heels. I think boots look best with low heels, like the ones you’ve chosen. I have three pairs of knee high boots and love them all, though it will be a while before I start wearing them again.

18 Sylvia

Yes, I feel the same, although some women can pull those off as well!

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