Aging has many benefits but losing your ability to read without glasses is definitely not one of them!

Fortunately, there are now so many funky and affordable reading glasses to choose from, that you can turn this inconvenience into a style statement. Let’s have a look at some of the reading glasses available and which ones to pick after 40!


I was contacted by to see if I was interested in collaborating on a new influencers collection for the brand. I thought this would be a fun challenge and hence the Sylvia readers were born!


I chose a funky and colorful pair of readers as my name sake as I believe that reading glasses after 40 look best when they are colorful and funky.


Let’s face it. Reading glasses are a sign of aging and although that is something to embrace and be proud of, there is no harm in looking young and hip either.


I feel that a hip and colorful pair is the best way to go. These are not glasses that you have to wear all day, so why not have a little fun with them when you need them?

The Sylvia reading glasses are sturdy and fun and they come in a variety of colors that will make you happy.  If you like to stick to your neutrals on a particular day, just select the lovely brown and gray colors. The price certainly should not stop you as they are only $16.95!


In addition to my ‘own’ glasses, I could also select 3 more pairs from their collection.

I really like these bordeaux / purple reading glasses, the Paoli,  which are perfect with my new Porto dress from GetDressed2. I feel this shape suits me really well. They are super light weight and a loser fit than the other glasses I received.



As I live in a very sunny climate, I also picked these reader sunglasses. The Hadley Bifocal sunreader is super handy. They are like normal sunglasses, yet have a little reader insert at the bottom. Barely visible but when you look down in these readers, you can comfortably read your book!


As I often like to wear red, my last pair is the red Studio. Although I prefer the look of glasses that are smaller, I chose a bigger frame for my computer use, so I’m not obstructed by the glasses in any way.  The studio fits quite tightly and sits closer to the eyes.


Overall, I’m very impressed with the glasses by Readers considering how incredibly cheap they are. That makes it really easy to have fun with your glasses and choose several pairs in a variety of colors.

I actually like The Sylvia the best from the 4 shown above. It fits well, is fun and funky, yet sturdy and solid. Perhaps you should try them too and let me know what you think!

If you like to see the complete Influencer collection where 5 other bloggers also share their favorites, check them out here.


All reading glasses c/o
White top and light brown pants: In Good Company
Red top: AlldressedUp (old)
Flower skirt: Zara (old)
Bordeaux red dress: Porto c/o Getdressed2
Blue dress: Porto c/o Getdressed2

What kind of reading glasses do you like to wear? Do you prefer them funky and colorful or more subdued? Which of the above is your favorite?


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Photography by Marjouri Joy Santos

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