Why puffer coats can be a great choice for winter!

by Sylvia

The best puffer coats for winter!

I never owned a long puffer coat.

It always seemed to me that they were bulky and unflattering and often heavy too.

However, when I recently visited Uniqlo for some warm clothes for my son for our trip to Europe, I came across this long, light down coat and i couldn’t take my eyes off it.

As I still had some winter coats I did not feel I needed it but I loved the soft silky fabric and the coat was so LIGHT. It would be so warm and cosy for my trip to Europe.

long down coat worn in London | 40plusstyle.com

The coat was really affordable and I decided to buy it and I’m so glad I did!

It travelled with me to The Netherlands, Rome, London and Winterberg (in Germany) and wore this coat almost every day the last 3 weeks as it’s really warm, but not too warm. I really njoyed the silky fabric and I felt snug, warm and comfortable.

I felt stylish too!

This is largely due to the belt that gives structure to the coat and still gives the overall look definition and shape. Add a textured scarf and voila, every outdoor outfit looks good.

It’s also NOT black.

A long down coat for winter (here worn in Winterberg, Germany) | 40plusstyle.com

Truly, it’s like a sea of black in almost every city here in Europe. The grayish/brown color of this coat is still a great neutral and you can wear it with just about any outfit. I feel it’s much better than a black coat as this color is more flattering and you will also do your part breaking up the all-black pattern in the streets.

This coat is pretty timeless too as the overall design has a classic shape.

If you are venturing into cold weather, I can highly recommend this coat which is now on sale at the Uniqlo website.

My my warm puffer coat worn in Rome | 40plusstyle.com

My puffer coat and some other great options can be shopped in the boutique below.

So what do you think of puffer coats? Do you love them or hate them?



1 Petra

I wear my puffer coat all winter long (okay, I have a wool coat for “better occasions” and warmer winter days too). It’s warm, light and cosy. I even have a very light puffer jacket for cooler summer days (which are quite often here in northern Germany).
Did you enjoy Rome? It’s fantastic, isn’t it!?

2 Sylvia

Yes that is exactly what I did this time. My puffer coat was just too comfortable not to wear!

3 Bette

I think this looks wonderful on you — and I love the color. Such a nice change from black! I believe puffer coats look fine on slender women like yourself. For curvy women like me, I think we look like sausages. Stylish ones, but still…

4 Sylvia

Thanks Bette. I actually think that you don’t have to be slim to wear them. So long as you give the coat structure and definition. A belt at your smallest point really helps!

5 Jodie filogomo

I love that it’s not black also!! I’ve been trying to stay away from black, but it’s hard because it seems like all the stores carry a ton of it!

6 Patricia

Sylvia, I find your coat great and I fully agree it is so much better than a black one! It suits you very well and I like the way you accessorized it with your scarf. I own several puffer coats in various lengths. Recently I bought a taupe/beige puffer coat by Liu Jo, it is similar to yours, and I love it! I often wear it only with a silk scarf and it still protects my neck from cold. A light, warm puffer coat in a beautiful neutral tone is very practical and will carry you through most occasions.

7 Ann

Your coat looks great and what a super color! And I agree about staying away from a black one. I have a bunch of these practical coats, in white, green, turquoise and plum. Getting a fitted one is key.

8 Sherry Edwards

Yes, I definitely love puffer coats. They are a more of an essential where I live. I do own a long black (of course, our national colour) which I try to we

9 Greetje

I am not much into puffer coats, but I do understand why other women are. They are so light and darned comfortable. I have my parka coat by Annette Görtz and although it is quite heavy, it is my go-to coat.

10 Carol

Your coat looks fantastic on you and the colour is very flexible to accessorize. Belted coats look frumpy on me because I am kind of a straight shape, not much of a chest or hips. I tried one of the Uniqlo coats and love the idea of a lightweight, packable coat, but I avoid buying anything requiring drycleaning. I ended up buying a polyester slim-fit long puffy coat, in a light cool grey with black faux fur trim, from a Canadian company. It is like wearing a sleeping bag, yet the fit flatters me. I have received compliments on the pale grey colour and most importantly, it is not BLACK like everyone else’s coat!

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