Looking for a hip sandal this summer? Here are some great picks!

by Sylvia

The best hip summer sandals for spring / summer 2014 | 40plusstyle.com

Yes, pointy shoes are very hip this season and they are certainly on my wish list (if I can ever find ones that fit my wide feet).

But if you want to give your feet a break and let your toes feel the fresh breeze this summer, you may like to consider the arty open sandal instead.

The mandal

The best hip sandals - mandals | 40plusstyle.com

Very hip this season is the mandal shoe. Big, bold, sporty, hip and comfortable this shoe looks great when you combine it with something chic. Contrasts attract.

Sandals with embelishments

The best hip sandals this season - sandals with emelishments | 40plusstyle.com

Another major trend is the embellished sandals. Funky and hip!

Sandals with fringes

summer 2014 shoe trend - fringes | 40plusstyle.com

Great for those who who want to add a touch of bohemian style to their outfits.

Gold and silver

silver and gold sandals - one of summer 2014's shoe trends! | 40plusstyle.com

Both gold and silver shoes are popular. So take your pick!

Do you want a more comfortable sandal?

I’m maintaining a list of the most hip and comfortable shoes with arch support which has been updated with summer sandals as well. Many of the shoes listed there are personal favorites from all of you who were kind enough to provide feedback on which shoes really help your problematic feet.

Ready to shop?

For more inspiration on hip sandals have a look at my picks below. I love so many of these shoes, I wouldn’t know what to pick. However, I’m going shopping next week and will keep my eyes open for them!

Please note that I realise that many of these picks are very pricey, as I focussed on designer brands today. If this is above your budget, then just use as inspiration. At least, you will know what to look out for when you hit the shops and want to find affordable alternatives. I already spotted some very  trendy mandals at Zara.

Do you like any of these hip sandals? Which kind is your favorite?


P.S. only 1 day left to submit for the latest mini challenge!

1 kay kerns

I could wear most of those but I need a wide width because of my ‘luau feet’ lol but great article for inspiration thanks

2 Rita

I like the Missoni sandal, in the center column, 7th from the top. The earth-toned colors are pretty and it has a smidge of a heel. In general, I don’t think completely flat sandals are very flattering on most feet, and thong sandals just seem to make everyones’ feet look wide (plus they really rub blisters between my toes!).

3 Ann

I like many of these but my favorite is the black one with the fringe!

blue hue wonderland

4 Patti

The fringe is fab!

5 Greetje Kamminga

I am not too keen on sandals as I have very flat feet and battered toes because of narrow shoes. But I have my pink/silver/leopard sandals of last year. Spot on for 2014. That will do. And I have silver and grey pointy shiny shoes. But the Missoni slingbacks look very nice…

6 Rita

I like the Missoni slingbacks, too.

7 Hannah Avery

i love the orange and camel ones in the top column at the right!

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