The best fashion trends for fall and winter 2014 for women over 40

by Sylvia

best fall winter 2014 trends for women over 40 |

Although the summer is not yet over the shops are already full with clothes for Fall in the northern hemisphere so let’s have a look at the best fashion trends for Fall 2014 for women over 40!

I feel this season is all about comfort. Clothes have a relaxed fit like the many knitted sweaters, skirts are oftenwide and longer or otherwise stretchy and pants are more sporty.

There is a great variety of silhouettes and styles so you should be able to find a style that suit you!

Let’s look at the main trends that will be great for women over 40.

Knitted sweater exuberance

Best fall / winter 2014 trends - Oversize Knits |

One of the biggest trends for fall is the knitted sweater. It ruled the runway and was seen in all shapes and forms. Although many knitted jumpers were spacious and oversized, there were plenty of fitted versions too. Or wear a long tunic-like sweater over pants or as a dress. You cannot go wrong with knitwear this fall!

Gray is the new black!

Best fall trends for women over 40 - Gray |

Black never really goes away of course but there was lots of gray on the catwalks and currently in shops. Gray can be a great color for many women over 40, provided you wear it well. It often looks great with white, but also combines really well with lots of other colors like pink, blue and red.

Pile on the layers!

Fall / winter 2014 best fashion trends for women over 40 - Pile on the layers |

Anything goes when it comes to layering this season. Have fun with different silhouettes and stay comfortably warm while putting on the layers!

Sporty classics

Fall Winter 2014 trends report - Sport chic |

Pants were more spacious and relaxed. Sporty fabrics are combined with classic tweeds and create an overall sporty chic vibe. Perfect to combine with a fabulous knitted sweater. It’s nice to create to juxtaposition with dressier items on top, like a fitted blazer.

Long coats

The 2014 fall best fashion trends for women over 40 - Long coats |

Coats are long and sleek but not as boxy as in last season. They tend to be slightly waisted and go all the way to your calves. In some collections the waist was further emphasized by a belt.

Red hot

2014 fall fashion trends - Red hot |

All variations of red were well represented on the runways so embrace this beautiful warm color this fall and winter! Pink and red was often spotted. Red will also look fabulous with the very current gray and winter white.

Bohemian flair

Fall fashion trend - Bohemian flair |

Lots of prints and designs exuded a bohemian vibe, which are perfect for the more romantic among us.

Bold and arty

the best fall fashion trends for women over 40 | Bold and colorful |

For those of us with an artistic vibe there were beautiful prints in tops, pants and dresses. The general vibe for print is geometric and arty. If this trend is a bit too much for you, bring a bit of that bold and arty vibe to your accessories, such as your hand bags, shoes or jewelry!

Long skirts

2014's best winter trends - Long skirt |

It feels like longer skirts have really hit the mainstream as you see them everywhere now. Most of them are A-shaped and go over the knees but there were plenty of straight skirts which were often stretchy.

Over the knee skirts are not the easiest length to wear as they can make you look older, so it’s important to wear them with something hip & fashionable on top.

Dark green

winter 2014 trends report - Dark green |

Dark green is another color that is popular right now. It’s a great alternative for black and beautiful to combine with another trendy color: copper.

Mix with Copper

best fall / winter trends for women over 40 - Mix with copper |

Hues of brown have been out of favour for a while, but I really like this new copper color which will look fabulous on many 40+ women.  Combine it with other colors such as orange, red, yellow and white.


Although these are the main trends, you will find that there are all kinds of colors and styles in the stores. Animal print is still popular and wearing a lot of texture. There is so much variety that there will be something for eveyone. Try to choose those pieces that work best for your body type or the silhouette that makes you feel your best.

Be creative and see how you can update your current wardrobe to accommodate some of these trends. Sometimes, all you need are a few current items to give your wardrobe a lift.

I will go through many of these main trends individually and will show you how to wear them in a more practical way with items currently available in shops.

If you like to see more of the runway trends you can check out all my favorite looks on my 2014 Fall / Winter trends Pinterest board.

Which trends for fall 2014 take your fancy?


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1 Bastoni di fashion

I love the fashion and the autumn-winter proposals are in my taste …

2 denton

Everything looks amazing.

3 lissy

The grey, the oversized and the greens are all things I’m looking forward to for fall! I have some green pieces from last spring that will be perfect for fall. I hate to wish away the summer, but fall dressing is my fave!

4 Patti

Pretty fabulous all the way through! I like forest green, copper, and of course my beloved long skirts. xox

5 Elaine

Sylvia, thanks for zeroing in on trends that are wearable by most women! Knits are a welcome trend. A couple of new pieces to layer with wardrobe stables will work well. I liked the Sporty Classics trend for someone my age, especially the Emperio Armani look, which also showed the trend in gray color. I am soooooo tire of black. Gray is a welcome change and nice foundation for adding unusual color accents. The Mix Copper is also interesting as it is a good color for me.

6 Ana from Mrs. American Made

Exciting! thanks, Sylvia.

7 Susan

Love this site, nice to see styles for women over 40

8 Deb

I’m already loving a lot of what is coming. Thanks Sylvia.

9 Lisa

I was just thinking I need more green, so glad to see that is a color for the coming season along with copper which I also like. I do layer, but not at all like the models do. The rest? Eh, not so much.

10 Sabine Gimm

Great looks. I love red and layers ♥

Many greetings Sabine

11 Pam

I would wear almost all of these. I’ll be using this as a guide to spruce up my Fall wardrobe.

12 myemptybag

Lovely coming fashion season!!!

13 Aileen Wrennall

Oh dear, what can I do with all the skinny jeans filling my wardrobe! Skinny jeans and bottom covering tunics have become my staple style recently. Now I’m at a lose how to update with what I currently own.
Help Sylvia!

14 Sylvia

Trends have the function of spicing up your wardrobe not really replacing it so you can just stick with your favorite look. I also don’t think the skinnies will disappear so quickly. There are always little things you can do. Buy a great oversized or tunic sweater and wear that with your skinnies. Or buy a tunic in that dark green. Something sporty chic may suit you also. Get some sporty chic pants and combine with that knitted sweater again!

15 Aileen

Great ideas Sylvia, thanks so much for your suggestions.

16 Petra

I am assuming this will reflect on Australia’s 2015 autumn? Just loving the over-sized sweaters – gorgeous 🙂

17 ies

My favorit looks are Red Hot and Sporty Chic! Thanks.

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