Best fall 2013 trends for women over 40

by Sylvia

best trends for fall / winter 2013

It’s that time of year again; a new season and new trends. Time for another report of the best fall 2013 trends for women over 40!

This trend report focusses on the trends as shown on the catwalks of all the major cities: New York, Milan, Paris & London. These are the designers that have a major influence on all the fashion that will shortly arrive in all the shops.

If you cannot relate to high fashion, don’t worry. I will translate each of these trends in the coming weeks and show you how these trends are applied by more affordable brands, more mainstream clothes and how you can wear them. For now, enjoy the best of what our best designers have to offer and let me know which trend appeals to you most in a comment below.

tomboy chic

The more manly or androgynous trend was omnipresent and many of the other major trends (male prints, the power of blue, oversized coats) relate to this main overall trend. Clothes are wider and more angular.

manly patterns trend

Herringbone, houndstooth, pinstripes combined with feminine draping and cut make for an interesting look! Women over 40 should be careful with this look as it can be aging. So go for a modern design or wear printed 7/8 pants combined with your hippest shoes.

50 shades of grey

Neutrals are back in full force and grey is one of them. Wear head to toe grey or colourblock with white, black or a brighter color. Be sure to wear a colorful coat so you’re not too grey!

fashion trends overview for fall 2013

Oversized coats are a huge trend this season. Most designers showed them as long straight coats although shorter oversized coats were also seen (at Jill Sander for example). This fits within the trend towards more androgynous dressing and can be great for women over 40 if paired with more elegant clothing. Why not select one of the more colorful ones to bring more color on the streets in winter?

blue is one of the winter 2013 fashion trends

It may just become the new black as all shades of blue were spotted on the runway. Or you can just combine it with black which is still a popular color combination.

embracing the punk and grunge trend

Quite a few collections were influenced by grunge and punk. It was seen at Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Dries van Noten and Junya Watnabe among others. Although this is a trend more suitable for younger women, women over 40 can still pick one or 2 ‘rebelious’ elements from this style to make their overall look more funky and edgy.

winter white

You all know I’m a fan of white so I was happy to see that winter white was featured a lot. Seen at BCBG Max Azria, Celine, Salvatore Ferragano, Stella McCartney and Hugo.  Wearing white is very chic and elegant, certainly when the designs are as unique as the ones shown above.

fall 2013 trends report

The colorblocking trend is still strong but the colors are a lot more muted. Lots of black and white (as always) but also shades of grey, blue and cream. Easy to combine with some of the other trends like rounded shoulders, straight coats or womanly wide skirts.

best 2013 fall trends sparkles

If you like sparkles and embelishments then you should find plenty of clothes to suit you. Balmain, Moschino, Naeem Khan and Marc Jacobs  and the designers above were just a few who put on the bling.


winter fashion trends 2013

Yes it is a suit but with something extra. Chic for both day and evening. Look for special details like a cape, a unique color or original design.

the new 50s 2013 trend for winter and fall 2013

The new 50s

All that masculine vibe needs an opposite and it was delivered in spades with a very elegant take of the 50s new look. Wide skirts and dresses that emphasise the waist. Skirts are also combined with belted jackets. This trend will look fantastic on many women over 40.

round and spacious tops  

The oversized top trend has gotten stronger this season and can look fabulous if proportioned well.


If you are into fur then there are many ways to wear it this season as many designers used fur in their collections. Be mindful that fur can have an aging effect though so be sure to wear it in a young and hip way!

More inspiration!

Lots to choose from this season and there are many more styles on my fall 2013 fashion trends pinboard for you to enjoy. I couldn’t possibly feature all that is fabulous here. Stay tuned when I go more into depth for each of these trends in the coming weeks.

What are you most looking forward to wearing this coming season and what is your favorite trend?


The Style Crone

I can always count on you to bring the trends my way. So many interesting looks and happy to see the emphasis on blue.


Yes I’m happy to see more blue as well!


I love most of them. I particularly like the skirts being knee length, which is much more flattering for my age group, which is well over 40+. As far as I’m concerned, knees out are not a good style for a lot of women, unless the very young and slim.
I wouldn’t go for the 50s look as I think that is too hard to get away with in my age group, but some of the other styles are definitely my ‘new’ style since being inspired by you Sylvia!
You’ve chosen a beautiful group to inspire us.


I agree with you. Knee length looks so much better now. I particularly like the Kenzo skirt. Zara are alreading selling something similar, but unfortunately 100% polyster so can’t use that here. I already have a wide skirt that I’m sure will be brought to good use this season!


Oh goodie… Love this selection. I am not sure about the rounded shoulders. Tried it and it looks good on me, but I don’t want to spend much money on it as it is sure to last for a short time. Therefore I am still thinking about a Max Mara coat. Terribly expensive, but cashmere and tailored, just below the knee. Could last me for years.
The fifties look is something I adore, but I agree with Aileen that a wide skirt can be tricky for a 59er like me. I am still very conscience about my white wide skirt although everybody tells me not to worry. I think that wearing a totally different top on a wider skirt is a smart idea to prevent the look from being dowdy. like the photo at the top of this article on the right. The white Genny suit reminds me of Dallas (the series).
Thanks for doing the work.


Yes you’re right. The trendy things are best to buy in shops like H&M and Zara, where I already spotted a few nice options. I already bought a wide skirt, so I’m hoping to show you soon that it can look fabulous on older women too!


Love the Isset mustard yellows coat! I just want to wrap it around me and go for a walk in the snow! And I live in Florida!


I know how you feel. I look at all those beautiful coats and swoon… I will never need them here…


A great post! It seems like the coming season is going to be very exciting. As an artist, I love color and colorful outfit therefor my favorite is the very first photo with the green lime top! come and visit my latest blog inspired by ancient Greek dress. Sara


A great post! It seems like the coming season is going to be very exciting. As an artist, I love color and colorful outfit therefor my favorite is the very first photo with the green lime top! come and visit my latest post inspired by ancient Greek dress. Sara


Amazing looking designs. Coming into summer here tho’ (don’t really get winters here in Qld anyway) so will need to look at super light dresses. Have decided I’m bored with tunics and leggings after wearing them for 4 years!!! My whole wardrobe consists of them so need to do some revamping. LOVE the blue. And the white!


It’s the same here Petra. But most designers will have summer versions of these trends now and you still apply the same styles to summer clothes. Except for the coats of course. You and I will just have to admire them on others….


I like a little of it all , most I think Tom boy and manly. I do love the longer shirts, I heard maxi shirts are back!!


I agree. So happy that the skirts are longer again. You can already see more choice of longer skirts in the shops!


I’m enjoying the leather trend. I plan on adding some EDGE to my look this fall with a pair of faux leather leggings, over-sized sweaters and a cool pair of combat boots. Who said you had to be twenty to be edgy 😉


Glenda, this sounds wonderful. Please upload a photo to the Forum of 40+Style if you have actually put this outfit together. I am dieying to see it.


Not me! Love an edgy look!


Greetje, yes, I have the pieces already. Im waiting for the weather to change. It is 100° in California!


Thank you for the Fall preview! I’m a casual dresser and I sometimes have difficulty incorporating trends into my lifestyle, but this season I have managed to include several of these trends into my Fall wardrobe. It’s exciting to see so many contrasting trends this year!


You’re welcome Angie. Yes, it’s great. Really gives you the chance to choose what suits your style personality!


please send me the newsletter as these fashions are lovely. Thank you.


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