Before and after I went to the hairdresser

by Sylvia

new haircut

I finally feel sane again after getting a haircut and dying my hair. After wearing a hat for the last couple of weeks (good thing I like hats) I dare showing my locks to the world again. For how long that lasts, remains a question as my styling skills are not what you call very good. It really IS very handy that I like hats!

Although I always have radical ideas of new hairstyles and colors beforehand, I was persuaded by some sound advice that I should probably stick to what I know works best with my face. And that is the bob hairstyle. This time though I went for a straight bob as shown in my 2013 hair trends report. Who knows? I may just grow it into a full blown Anna Wintour Do!


The fringe looks  a bit short in these photos but I was assured that it will be longer when I wash and dry it myself. I’ll have to just wait and see. Time will tell if I can keep this haircut in decent shape. If my hair is still unmanageable I may just get another keratin treatment.wovenshoes

I’m wearing my old trusted Donna Karen skirt with a new blouse from Zara. It’s still on sale in Zara Singapore for only $29, with lots of larger sizes still available if you are keen. The shoes were acquired a year ago from a shop in London.

So what will you do with your hairstyle? Stick to the same one or try something different?


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1 lissy

Your hair looks great! I recently had mine cut in a shorter bob too and I’m really liking it.


2 Sylvia

Thanks! Yes, this haircut was partly inspired by you. Did you see that I featured you in my post on hairtrends?


3 Rebecca

Your hair looks so shiny and flattering. You look great!


4 Sylvia

thanks Rebecca!



Very nice! It’s hard to go wrong with a bob. It was my “go-to” cut off and on my whole life, before I went to the undercut.


6 Sylvia

Yes, maybe give it a funkier color next time…


7 Ann

Your hair looks great! Love the shine and color plus I like the sleekness. I can never get mine as smooth as a hairstylist can. I love this skirt also. I’m liking the color combo this summer plus your shoes add just the right touch.

blue hue wonderland


8 Sylvia

Neither can I. But at least with this cut I can use a straightener. We’ll see how I go….


9 Marie S

Your hair looks great Sylvia and I always love this red skirt on you. I have a red pencil skirt and always feel great wearing it.


10 Sylvia

Thanks Marie. Yes, this skirt has been a good buy. I love the quality of it!


11 Heather Fonseca

I’m a creature of habit. I always get a layered bob, no bangs. Only the length changes. Sigh. My hair is impossible, so I stay with what works.


12 Sylvia

And you always look good in the process!


13 SabinaSabina

Oh I used to wear hats before AND after haircuts. But just got back this time and all is well. Great hairdresser, happy camper. Sabina Styleblog: Only In Frankfurt


14 Sylvia

Haha, yes that sometimes happens too!


15 Lorraine

I got my hair done today! Same colour highlights, same straight blow dry and same length! I like same!
Your hair looks great and the fringe is cute!


16 Sylvia

I admire that too. I can never stick to the same hairstyle for long. You never know, perhaps this time…


17 Lorraine

I was interested to see an interview with a top hairdresser about hair length. He said that by cutting your hair when you turn 40+ you are labelling yourself 40+. He advocated longer lengths to look young (although I am not sure he meant as long as mine or as unstyled as mine).


18 Sylvia

I think it all depends on the person. Some women look great with longer hair (especially those who have thick hair) but others look better with shorter hair. In the end it all comes down to the quality of your hair and your personal preferences.


19 Lorraine

I agree. I am lucky in that I have fine hair but a lot of it. My sister, on the other hand, has quite straggly hair and has always worn it very short. I guess the point he was making was that you shouldn’t feel compelled to cut it off when you reach a certain age.


20 Greetje Kamminga

And I like long hair with Sylvia too…..


21 Kathy Johnston

Your new hair style is so cute! The bangs really suit you!


22 Sylvia

Thanks Kathy!


23 Jean at Dross into Gold

Hi Sylvia!! I always love a woman in a great hat like yours, but sometimes it’s nice to let the hair take center stage. Your cut looks good on you. The Anna Wintour? I think you’ve got just a little more informality to yours, which makes it look younger and more attractive in my opinion. Do I adapt quickly to trends? Only if they look good on my body and suit my lifestyle. Then I’m ecstatic. XXOO


24 Sylvia

Thanks Jean. Yes, mine is definitely not as strict as Wintour; I wouldn’t have the discipline!


25 Petra

It really suits you – and the colour is gorgeous and natural looking. I always keep my hair in a chin-length bob (since I was a child!) – I vary it with colours tho’ to give it a bit of oomph now and again!


26 Sylvia

thank you Petra!


27 Christina

I like your haircut and colour. I am a fan of hairstyles that are not stiff. I think the bangs suit you, but I would suggest considering a slightly shorter length in the back ( 2 “?). Have you ever tried that?


28 Sylvia

Thanks. yes, I’ve had all kinds of bobs. May follow your advice for next time….


29 Greetje Kamminga

You were right, I did miss this post. Doing so much overtime these days, that I have very little time for blogging. Very sad, yes, I agree.
This hairstyle suits you, but all the others did too.
I wonder what you thought about the fringe when you washed it. My hairdresser cut it too short to my taste a few months back and I cursed her (joke) for three weeks. I want my fringe to hit my eyebrows. And if that means I have to have my fringe cut every three weeks, so be it. I just pop in the hairdresser, they cut it in one minute and I am out again.
I have to say, with this hairstyle you could be my baby sister hahaha.


30 Sylvia

It was still too short, as expected. I don’t get too uptight it though. But I’m not sure if I will go back to the same stylist. In the end I found him too rushed and not precise enough. I usually cut my fringe myself when it gets too long….


31 Greetje

I get really upset when my fringe is too short. Sometimes I cut my fringe myself. And then my hairdresser is upset haha


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