I visited my friend Anja in Haarlem, The Netherlands, and was delighted to find some amazing Desigual coats in her closet. Of course I could  not wait to try them on and feel absolutely amazing in them. This patch work coat is absolutely gorgeous and I would love to wear this coat more often. Below is Anja wearing the coat as well with a lovely hat!

Colorful winter coat from desigual

I also loved this other coat from Desigual. This beautiful patterned black and white coat fits perfectly with my black, white and red capsule and was a pleasure to wear as well. Below anja mixes it with a bright pink hat!

Desigual black and white coat

I did not have my collection of hats with me so I wear it with a simple black beret. The coat is also a bit wide for me but looks perfect with a black belt. I even added an animal print scarf for a bit of pattern mixing!

Desigual black and white winter coat

I have seen many wonderful clothes in the shops in Holland, like a similar coat in a thrift store to the one above. Unfortunately, I have to pass it all by as I only get to wear these clothes once a year for a short while. Still I can marvel at how good I look in these coats as they have been immortalized in images now forever. And all you lucky people in cold places will get to wear beautiful coats like this all season!

Have you managed to find coats that you absolutely love this season?