Beautiful fancy felt hats found in Amsterdam

by Sylvia

Felt hats in beautiful colors found in Amsterdam

Amsterdam can be a treasure trove of beautiful stores where you can find the most amazing specialised stores. This year I stumbled upon a store where they sold lots of beautiful textiles. Of course I was most attrached by the amazing hats they sold there. According to their website all of their products are sourced in central Asia, which always surprises me. Even though I live in the Asian regian, it is really difficult to source items as beautiful as these.

Colorful hats

They stored beautiful felt scarfs too like the ones above and below.

Felt scarf

But of course I was most attracted to the hats. The little fancy blue hat below is absolutely gorgeous!

Blue felt fancy hat

My friend Liliane thought so too. Even though she had just bought herself a black hat which I showed you before, she was very attracted to this blue / purple hat. I think it looks absolutely fabulous on her!

Purple felt hat

Purple felt hat amsterdam

They stored fabulous colorful boots too. These would really make a statement with your outfit!

Colorful fashion boots

Proud owner Marianne Tuerlings.

shop owner

I’m happy to say that Liliane did walk away with this beautiful purple hat.

looking gorgeous in hip felt hat

I was very tempted too, but after having already bought a few hats in Holland and living in a (too) warm climate, I decided to pass on it this time. Of course, I know where to find this shop now and I’m sure to be back in the summer.

me in a gorgeous felt hat

Shirdak is located on Pringengracht 192 in Amsterdam and more information can be found on their website.

 Did you see anything you liked in this store?

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The Style Crone

The hats are gorgeous and I would have walked out with at least one, I am sure. I love the colors and structural shapes. Looks like you’re having a great vacation!


I’m sure you would! I can picture one of these gorgeous ones on you! Currently on the last stretch of my holiday and back in my home town in the Netherlands….


I love Liliane’s purple hat even more than her black one! And the blue one you tried on is darling. The colors are vibrant. Can you guess what my favorite thing is? The boots! 🙂 Wow. Those are beyond awesome. I can think of 100 different ways to wear those. I would build my outfits around these boots for days and days. They are gorgeous.


I know the purple hat is gorgeous! Am very happy she bought it and hope she will wear it more often. The streets of Europe definitely need more color. I knew you would love those boots!


I adore the hats! any color will do….and I’m not surprised Judith love them too!

Happy New yEAR!


And the streets of Europe sure need more color and more people like you Paula! A very happy new year to you too!


This store is YUMMY!! I especially love the felt scarves. What a wonderful way to start the New Year.



Thanks for stepping by Rose and leaving your feedback!


Hey I enjoyed your great blog post on Beautiful fancy felt hats found on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. Many thanks for this great blog.


You’re welcome Stacey. Thanks for your feedback!

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