As the old saying goes— “The only thing constant in life is change”.

You may have experienced this change on a personal level too.

Your body may have changed.

Your lifestyle may have changed.

Even your preferences may have changed.

Change can be scary, but it really shouldn’t be something to dread.

Interestingly change is often reflected in the clothes we wear

But sometimes it’s hard to know how to make the transition and know how to dress for the changes that you are experiencing.

I want to reassure that, even though what you wore 20 years ago might not ‘work’ for you now, there is something better and more beautiful you can wear in its place.

But you need to know HOW.

That’s where the style club comes in.

With my 40+ Style club, I can show you how to dress for your changing body, life and preferences and you will get a clearer idea of who you are in terms of style.

I’ll share with you everything I know in 4 ways…


In my monthly masterclass, you’ll receive expert advice on one aspect of styling that you can apply right away (like dressing for your body type or how to wear accessories, for example).

This is an example of the kind of style tips you can expect each month.

Style Challenges

Each month we will  have a fun style challenge. I will create a capsule wardrobe around the month’s theme, complete with 10 outfits created from 10-15 pieces, many of which you likely already own. You’ll also receive a shopping list to purchase any of the items on the list, if you’d like.

For 10 days each month we will share our interpretations of the outfit in the private member community. You will be amazed at how many ideas you will get from this exercize and of courses it’s great fun to see what other 40+ women are wearing and to get feedback on your own looks.

This month we will start with the basics: the body type challenge

Understanding your body type and knowing which parts you want to highlight and downplay can really help you dress your body. The capsule will feature 10 outfits that will take you from winter to spring.


Here is an example of an outfit from our first capsule.


The Style capsules I have planned for the coming months include:

  • The body type capsule: a fun transitional capsule with pointers (and alternatives) on how you can adapt the pieces to suit your body type
  • The Spring Capsule: we will look at the spring trends and how you can wear them.
  • The Hide Your Belly Capsule: Hiding your belly is a much requested topic and in this month’s style theme I will show you everything I know about hiding the belly, using the right clothes and accessories. Of course we will have a capsule wardrobe as well. Full of outfits that will give you a great silhouette.
  • Accessories Essentials: Accessories are so important to your overall look and in this month we will create a capsule where accessories shine!


Exclusive Members-Only Facebook Group

With any kind of change, you need support and this will be the place where we all connect. You will make friends, get to ask questions and get inspired by other people’s style journeys. The community will make the whole process really fun — making the experience richer for us all!

There are already many incredible women of all shapes and sizes bonding in this community, and you will really get to know them.

Live Sessions

Each month there will be a live session where you will have direct access to me and get the opportunity to ask me any questions you might have. You will also have the opportunity to connect with the other women in the group even further.

Let’s embrace change together!

Oprah Winfrey once said,

“We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are.”

I love this quote (and Oprah!) because there is so much truth behind it. Forward motion requires change, and it order to change we can’t remain who we are.

But sometimes those changes can be a bit daunting, and it’s extremely helpful to have someone there beside you, guiding you along the way.

This is especially true when it comes to finding your style.

And precisely why I’m opening up the doors to my brand new 40+ Style Club. A community devoted to moving YOU forward when it comes to style.

Head on over to the 40+ Style Club and trade in frumpy for fantastic style (the easy way).

But hurry. Enrollment for the club is not open for very long. In 2 days, I will close it and I have no plans to open the doors for at least 4 months (which means you would miss out on all the challenges I described above).

I would love to welcome you in this supportive and very stylish club!

Happy Styling,


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