How to wear ankle skinny pants and why they are my favorite!

by Sylvia

How to wear ankle skinny pants and why they are my favorite! |

Although I usually embrace whites and lighter pastels these days, on this day I was in a ‘dark’ mood. It came about because of this new asymmetrical blouse / jacket from Porto that I received c/o Getdressed2.

The blouse is super stretchy, so very comfortable and has a unique design. I’m wearing size 1 and would have preferred a slightly snugger fit so if you have a regular bust size, I would advise to size down.

Asymmetrical blouse worn with skinny ankle pants |

Although it would look fabulous on my white skinny pants, I opted for the black pair instead which creates a more monochromatic and streamlined look. Of course I used accessories to make the look more interesting and to add a splice of color.

The necklace is from Obb Unique and they make the most gorgeous stone necklaces. I found mine while visiting a street market with my friend style blogger Suzanne Carillo so it carries a lot of fond memories as well. See how I wore it previously here.

Monochromatic outfit with touches of color |

The red bag is probably my most worn bags of all time and I found it in Amsterdam a few years ago while shopping with another friend, Saskia, in Amsterdam. It’s fabulous when your favorite pieces have fond memories attached to them.

The reasons I use this bag so much is because it’s light, is just the right size and it adds a splash of color to many of my neutral outfits. The bag is made from leather, so durable, but is not from an established brand (in fact I have no idea what brand it is) and so affordable and I highly recommend getting a bag like this to add a bit of color to your outfits too!

Now let’s talk about the pants

Black ankle pants worn with asymmetrical top and comfortable shoes! |

These skinny 7/8 pants are my most worn pants. If you have been following me for a while, you have already seen them gazillions of times in white, in red, in mustard and now here they are in black.

Here are a few reasons why I think they are so perfect:

  • Although these pants are skinny, they skim the legs rather than fit tightly around them.
  • That makes them comfortable and breezy to wear.
  • They have elastan which adds to the comfort.
  • They are not too short, which makes them perfect to wear with both flats and heels.
  • They are still right on trend as cropped pants are very much on trend.
  • When worn with ankle strap shoes like the ones I’m wearing here they don’t shorten the legs so much.
  • The pockets are super handy and I like the silhouette they create.
  • I can wear these pants with tucked in tops, long tops, medium tops and blouses (like the one I’m wearing here).
  • You can dress them up or down.
  • They are slimming.

Therefore it’s no wonder that these favorite pants are also part of the 40+Style Casual Summer Style challenge. I included the white version but if white is not your thing you can also add these in another color.

The shopping list for the challenge that will start next Monday has been sent out to everyone that signed up already (more than 500 of you and counting!) so if you haven’t signed up yet, please be sure to do so by clicking on the image below (it’s 100% free!) and I will email the shopping list to you.

40+Style Casual Summer Style Challenge - Join now! (it's free) |

My pants are from Zara but I have included some shoppable alternatives for these kinds of pants below and even included a few red totes!

Outfit details:

Blouse: Porto c/o Getdressed2
Pants: Zara
Bag: brand unknown (see some alternatives in shop below)
Necklace: Obb Unique
Bracelet: from my own jewelry collection I sold a while back
Shoes: Fly London Yala Wedge, also available at Amazon

More ankle pants

Pictured in white here but they come in several colors (including black)

Red totes

What are your favorite kind of pants?


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1 Suzanne

I agree that items bought with memories attached are the very best. It feels like you are wearing a scrapbook of memories.

I don’t often wear ankle pants as I find that they can visually shorten my body unless I’m wearing heels.

I prefer slightly longer skinnies.


2 Sylvia

Yes, they can still be challenging. It’s good to stick to what works best for you! Such fond memories of our time in New York!

3 Hope

I have the white NYDJ in your link arriving on my doorstep today! I hope they’re great…they have wonderful reviews.

4 Sylvia

How exciting. I hope they fit well!

5 Hope

They did fit well. Unfortunately, NYDJ has gone to a lighter fabric blend in their white jeans this summer. They have a panel in front that looks (in full daylight) like a maternity panel. (horrors! ha!) I noticed the same on the NYDJ with zipper, so it’s more than one style. My white jeans (same brand) from last year don’t have this ‘feature’. So I had to return them. 🙁

6 Sylvia

Oh that is a pity. Hopefully you will find some that suit you.

7 Jodie filogomo

I love the ankle pants—especially with the ankle strap shoes that are so evident now!!
I love that you added in color in the necklace & bag even though the rest of the outfit is dark!

8 Sylvia

A bit of color always brightens up the outfit 🙂

9 jess

I love the ankle pant. I just recently bought several pair after trying them on and feeling how comfortable they were and great for the season. I love the cut of your top and the red bag is a perfect compliment to the look. What I like about the ankle pants is that they look great with so many shoe styles too.
jess xx

10 Sylvia

Yes, that’s why I like them so much!

11 Sandy

Went to the Zara site and they have lots of pants under the skinny category. Really like the cut you are wearing. Which pant is it?

12 Sylvia

If you click on the Zara link I provided at the bottom of the article it takes you directly to my pants.

13 Greetje

Skinnies!!! But these will do fine too. I love it when they are turned up at the ankle.. Doesn’t happen too often though.

14 Greetje

Fun jacket with those buttons. Right up your alley.
I like it that you used a blue stone and a red bag. Clever and more interesting.

15 Sylvia

Thanks Greetje. It’s surprising with how many outfits a simple tote bag like this one fits!

16 Aileen Wrennall

I like this look a lot as well Sylvia, very grown up and elegant. The red bag is a lovely way to pop out the dark colours and brings everything to life.

Do you think the style of wearing leggings with tunics/short dresses has passed now? It is so good for us pear shapes but I haven’t seen much of it around now.

17 Sylvia

Well it’s definitely a bit less of a trend. I think you can still wear this look with interesting long tops like I showed here though. any case if this looks work for you and you are happy wearing it, there is no reason not to.

18 Aileen

Great link to some fabulous outfits, thanks for your suggestions. I’m off for a more detailed look now.

19 Joan B

This outfit looks fabulous on you and you have accessorised it beautifully. The shirt design is amazing.

20 Sherry Edwards

Not sure if I have one favourite type of pants. I wear all kinds and have a huge collection. I like changing it up so I don’t get bored or bore my look with others. I like to leave people guessing ‘I wonder what she’ll wear tomorrow’. I do agree with you on your choice of the black pants with that top. The monochrome look suits you.

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