Alisha Marie Boyd: mixing the classic with the contemporary

by Sylvia

Alisha Marie Boyd jewellery

Long time readers will be familiar with my love of comtemporary jewellery. However, some of you find it quite tough to switch from your more classic jewellery to modern. So today I feature an artist that mixes the classic with the contemporary. Meet Alisha Marie Boyd, who produces very distinctive pieces based on classic forms that are timeless.

She seamlessly mixes the historical with the contemporary, resulting in very interesting pieces made of pearls, stones and metals. Enjoy!

More information can be found from her website.

What do you think of this jewellery?

1 Suzanne

These pieces really appeal to me! They remind me of a designer named R.J. Graziano. I have a few of his things for the very reason you stated – they are a combination of classic (pearls) and contemporary (metals and modern design). Thank you for always bringing us new and exciting ideas!
My favorites are the pearl drop earrings. 🙂

2 Sylvia

Great you like it Suzanne. I do my best in finding the best new designers… If you ever come across good things just drop me a note and I can share it on the blog!

3 Lorraine

I love this jewellery. It combines my love of pearls with contemporary styles. The drop earrings remind me of a pendant I recently bought which is a matt silver dish with a grey ‘pearl’ in the centre.

4 Sylvia

Sounds great Lorraine…

5 aileen

I agree with Suzanne and Lorraine, a great idea to combine classic and modern. I am always trying to find ways of wearing old and new together, which I do regularly. For example, I often wear pearls with a silver pendant or two to create an individual look.
It seems such a shame to leave older pieces lurking in a box, when their unique styles can be used with modern pieces to bring an original look to an outfit.
It is sometimes a challenge but worth trying. Just like wearing scarves with outfits, it takes a bit of practice but worth the effort.
I’ll definitely go and have a look at this designer. Many thanks for the idea Sylvia.

6 Suzanne

Aileen – thank you for this great idea! I have some nice pearls but worry that they aren’t modern enough. Now I will try mixing them with some bolder, more contemporary jewelry to see if I can come up with a fresh look. I appreciate all of the clever women who post on this blog. 🙂

7 aileen

Suzanne, that was a very nice compliment, thank you and I’m sure you’ll come up with some lovely ideas and many different ways to mix old and unique with new and modern.

8 Sylvia

Great idea Aileen. That is what I call creative. And you are so right. It will create something unique and add to your individual style. Would love to see your creations some time…

9 Greetje

Pearls also look nice on something casual like a smart T-shirt with jeans.

10 Marla

It’s pretty jewelry just not my particular style. I love big chunky pieces. Plus I guess I am just not a huge fan of pearls.

11 Sylvia

I have never been a big fan of pearl either, but presented in this way (especially the green yellow version) I think they are fab!

12 Aleya Bamdad

I love the earrings and the bangle. The earrings remind me of a mirror that I saw at my friend’s house.

13 Sylvia

That must have been a beautiful mirror too!

14 Greetje

Very beautiful. I saw a picture on her website of a necklace around a woman’s neck. Looked stunning. However, it is a concept I have come accross more often. I am in transition now for even bolder pieces.

15 Nanne

Very beautiful jewelry, although I don’t wear a lot of pearls. I love the gold/green earrings!

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