Ageless Style inspriration: Forever chic in animal print

by Sylvia

Ageless style inspiration: animal print |

Some say that animal print is a neutral, which means it almost goes with everything. These three ladies prove that point.

How glorious does the lady above look in this fabulous coat with the animal print scarf and wide belt!

Ageless style inspiration: animal print jacket |

This outfit above is so good, I  want to copy it. The animal print jacket blends perfectly with the apple green and printed skirt and makes this such an interesting outfit.  Greetje and Saskia, can I please borrow your fabulous animal print coats for a day when I’m in The Netherlands, so I can try something like this?

Ageless style inspiration: animal print blouse |

This lady mixes some very interesting colors and textures together resulting in a very stylish and chic outfit.

I think all these outfits are great examples of ageless style; outfits that can be worn at any age.

Do you agree?


All photos by Denton Taylor

1 fashmr paul

Wow to the lady in the first picture – What a great look and what a stunning coat – That’s wonderful!

2 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

I do agree – these outfits are all different and all fabulous, with a shot of animal print.

3 Rita A.

I like the 2nd, but the 3rd outfit is my favorite. The handbag in the third photo is stunning, and I love the mix of colors, with the purple gloves and icy green lapel and cuffs on the jacket. Gorgeous!

I’m afraid the first thing I thought about outfit #1 was that she has a way too wide belt wrapped around those quilts movers use that have been recycled and stitched together by a ladies sewing guild. I really do not care for that coat and belt.

4 Lorraine

Ha ha! Ditto! The first thing I thought was that belt was way too wide! It would fill the gap between my bust and waist (a few inches LOL!).

I like no.2. I have an emerald green and navy skirt, emerald green cardigan – I just need the coat! However, I have the shoes and the gloves are on their way to me as I write, so I will have to make do with a plain coat/jacket!

5 Sylvia

Yes that belt is too wide and the coat may not be to everyone’s taste, but I like the overall picture and the attitude and statement of that woman, which makes her look superbly stylish to my eyes. My favorite is the second outfit!

6 Lorraine

I don’t like the ‘patchwork quilt’ coat but as you say, you can wear anything if you have ATTITUDE!

7 Suzanne

I do love animal print. I used to think it was only for women like Mrs. Roper on Three’s Company…not anymore.


8 Lorraine

I don’t know the programme but in the UK animal print was always associated with Bet Lynch in Coronation Street – not a great role model. I have got over that and now embrace it!

9 Sylvia

Although I do not know who that is, I know what you mean. I’m still not a big animal print girl and have yet to own a garment, but I have played with animal print accessories and do like the look on others when it is used in moderation.

10 Lorraine

She was ‘tarty’ but I think you had arrived at that idea! I forgot that I have an animal jumper that works well with black or tan and will soon have a Covered Perfectly leopard top (I promise to post a pic) which has blue in it so will work with jeans. I like it but am not brave enough to have a coat/jacket. Well, maybe I am but my other half would not be seen with me! LOL!

11 Sylvia

If you are in The Netherlands you should try and take a picture with Greetje’s coat if you get a chance. Just to see what it would look look like (and to show your dear hubby). Pair it with something really classic and classy!

12 Lorraine

I certainly will. I have not booked the flight yet but we are chatting about the trip. I suspect her coat will fall to my ankles as she is so tall (only joking!). Hubby is quite opinionated though (as you may have gathered).

13 Sylvia

Yes, but in a very nice way 🙂 I also got the impression though that he would concede that he is wrong when presented with a beautiful picture….

14 Lorraine

Haha! I have ways…….

15 Lorraine

Funnily enough, my Covered Perfectly ‘blue leopard’ top just arrived in the post. I will be getting some pics taken this weekend!

16 Greetje

Lorraine.. you do know Mrs. Roper. Three’s company is the American version of Man about the house… now that does ring a bell, doesn’t it?
We had a documentary on Dutch television a few years back, with a delightful but rather common lady always dressed in animal print. Top to bottom. So every time I wear an animal print my husband sneers: “you look like Nel Veerkamp”. I only point out that in Paris they don’t know her and that is where fashion is made. LOL

17 Lorraine

Of course I know Mrs Roper, Greetje! Thanks for dredging it out of my memory! I have posted on the forum a pic of Yootha Joyce, who played Mrs Roper in Man About the House, as well as Bet Lynch, of Coronation Street, who is probably better known for her love of animal print.

18 Lisa

Here’s a picture of the Ropers for those of you who didn’t grow up with horribly American sit-coms: albeit not one where she is wearing animal prints.

19 Lorraine


20 Suzanne

Thanks : ) I guess I should have posted that with the comment.


21 Ann

All these women look fabulous. This first coat is a stunner, unusual and looks like a one of a kind piece. Just shot a post today with an animal print coat worn with green tones. I see animal print as a neutral. It can be exciting to style it in many ways as you have shown us here.

blue hue wonderland

22 Sylvia

That sounds fab. I look forward to seeing it!

23 Dawn Lucy

Love these animal looks! Ageless style!

24 Elizabeth Pierson

Love animal print! I would say you can pair it with any color. The rule of thumb for me is only one article of clothing should be animal print. I believe you can get too much.
I agree with Rita A, I didn’t care for the coat nor the belt. I guess we each have our own style.

25 Lorraine

Yes, how much is too much? I have scarf, belt, shoes and gloves (later in post to me). I guess I can’t wear them all together?????!!!!

26 Sylvia

These are all small items so it may be all right, although 2 out of 3 is probably best. When you combine any of these with an item of clothing, it may be too much. In the end it’s all down to personal taste though.

27 Lorraine

I think there would be enough separation between them for gloves and scarf to work for example.
I am not sure I agree that animal print is a neutral because I was wearing my animal print flats last night with a neutral outfit and I thought they gave a lift to the ‘classic’ me, almost like a pop of colour!

28 Sylvia

I agree Lorraine. They are more than a neutral. They add something extra. Because it’s a print, it can make an outfit more interested and sophisticated! If it were a true neutral, you would be able to wear animal print all over, which I believe would not look good on most people. An animal print dress for example would need to be toned down with very basic accessories.

29 Lisa

My favorite Coco Chanel advice is to take one thing off before leaving the house. I say put them all on and then decide what is too much!

Would your belt be covered by a coat when you are outside wearing gloves? And the gloves would be off when you are inside and can see the belt? You might not ever see all 3 together.

30 Lorraine

I like your (and Coco’s) thinking, Lisa!

31 Nanne

I think they all look fabulous! I love animal print particularly in accessories and shoes, my animal print scarves are worn on a frequent basis. For some reason, here in Norway animal print – and particularly leopard print – is considered somewhat tacky and definitely not to be worn by 40+ women. It’s probably got to do with something similar to what Lorraine mentioned.

32 Lisa

I like the 2nd outfit best. It appeals to my love of color, and I really like the mixing of patterns between coat and pants. I’m still trying to figure out the pattern mixing to be honest, but it works here! I like the 3rd one also.

I have to say a quilted coat appeals to me right now as we are currently living through an ice storm between two snowstorms. And I admire quilting as an art form. Is the belt a too wide? Probably. But while I don’t dislike the coat, I think it would be better served with a blueish-gray scarf to bring out the color in the jacket, particularly since more of the color is in the bottom half and this would balance it out. I actually don’t think the animal print serves the outfit. It is really a very different color from the browns in the coat and it adds to the busyness. Then again, that may have been the intent.

I have an animal print blouse (which I wore yesterday) and purse and I have shoes that are black and animal print (new purchase) and a scarf that has animal print pattern in it. I don’t know that I would invest in an animal print coat. I’d be afraid it is too trendy and I wouldn’t get years of wear out of the investment.

33 MyEmptyBag

what a nice and inspirational looks!!!!


34 Greetje

I love animal prints. Especially this year I went nuts. And yes Lorraine and Sylvia, you both may borrow my leopard coat and/or jacket for a day. Mind you Sylvia, it will be too big for you, you know that.

35 Greetje

I have put some photos of my animal print collection on the Forum:

36 denton

I just love that first coat. I love stuff that is complicated, hard to manufacture, and tricky to wear. I mean, who could invent a coat like that with so many pieces and patterns? I can see why some don’t like the belt. It’s the kind of thing that if you see it in a store or a thrift shop you look at it, in a vacuum, and say, what the hell was the designer thinking? And then you keep walking even if it’s $5. I so admire women like that, who can assemble an amazing outfit from rather strange pieces. I mean, anyone can do a little black dress, right? That outfit is art, it’s almost on another level from fashion. I wish I had paid attention to what shoes she was wearing!

37 kay kerns

Like all of them but like #2 best

38 Gaby

My favourite is definetly # 3, it is simply classy and loved the purse.

39 Lorraine

I am looking again at the first picture and see that she has thrown a furry handbag into the mix of quilt coat, animal print scarf, black fingerless gloves and patent belt. For me the best is the bag. If I wore this I would look like a homeless person.

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