Ageless style inspiration: black and white layers and textures

by Sylvia

Ageless style inspiration: black and white layers and textures

I love this look and think it’s a perfect example of ageless style.

The different layers of black and white, mixed with different textures create a very sophisticated and elegant look. I love the mixing of patterns and the graphical feel of this outfit.

The orange bag provides a nice touch of color and is the perfect finishing touch.

I would wear this outfit in an instant.

How about you? Would you wear this? Do you agree that anyone (no matter what age) could wear this look?


Photo taken during New York Fashion week by Denton Taylor

1 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

That’s a chic look that I would wear – minus the fringes, perhaps, but still fabulous. She looks ageless.

2 Kate McIvor

yes, yes and yes!

3 denton

I’ve been impressed at the number of orange bags I’ve seen recently, and the way they are worn. The obvious color to wear with that outfit is red, but she works it. Isn’t that a Hermes Kelly btw? Love her glasses too!

4 Emily

Overall good idea. Love the leggings and boots, but the top half is too much. I would lose the fringe, or remove either the jacket or the white blouse underneath.

5 Pauline

Any Age Could Wear This And I Love Black White And Orange Together, However, I Dont Like The Outfit……but Thats Just Me.

6 Elizabeth Pierson

I agree this outfit is ageless, and sophisticated. I’ve always loved black with white. It’s sharp. It’s a little over the top, so I probably wouldn’t wear it here where I live, but I’d feel comfortable in it in the “big city”.
Wear each piece separately and each would add the finishing touch to any outfit.

7 Ann

Great find, so cool and interesting. I’m really feeling positive for black and white worn with a bright color for spring, especially yellow.

blue hue wonderland

8 Nanne

I agree with Emily that the top half is a litte too much, otherwise definitely yes 🙂

9 Rita A.

I think this outfit is beautiful and I would say someone of any age with the right build could wear it. For me, I don’t have legs that are the same diameter all the way up so over the knee boots would be a no-go fo me. I could wear boots that go just below the knee, or simple pumps or sling-backs. I like the fringe, but I think it would be too much on my short frame…maybe a ruffled sleeve would work, though. I don’t typically go wear black, but I like that this outfit has more white on top and the dress has a graphic print so it isn’t so dark. With the white blouse underneath it’s perfect. The orange bag is brilliant, and I think it could be replaced with any brightly colored bag ( pink, teal, bright blue) and give the same nice contrast. Very pretty!

10 Deborah

Yes! This is a stunning outfit and suitable for a woman of any age:) The black and white is so stricking and as you say Sylvia, the textures at play here add that extra ‘something’. Must pin this one:)

11 Greetje

Love this outfit. It is everything I like (and which suits me): a definite waist, not too short, not too long, black and white with a pretty bag in a pop colour. Terrific. Very lovely coat too.

12 Deb

Divine! So stylish. Would wear this in a heart beat.

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