Adding a bit of fun and style with shoes accessories


Irregular choice

I believe that style and fashion should not always be so serious. I admit that I don’t add fun elements in my own clothing nearly enough, but I always like it in others and I certainly enjoy seeing fun items in the store.

Here are some shoes and accessories I stumbled across while visiting Robinson’s at Marina Bay Link mall in Singapore. First up are these very funky shoes from Irregular Choice. This is a brand that was unknown to me but I just visited their website and they have a whole range of funky and unusual shoes.

They also stocked shoes from Vivienne Westwood for Melissa.

And how about his sponge bag Zila!

Adding a bit of fun and style with these casual slippers from Vivienne Westwood for Melissa.

How about you? Do you like to add a bit of fun to your outfits? Or do you keep things strictly serious?


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Anja van der Vorst

Was watching an episode of Oprah last nite. One of the guests was Whoopi Goldberg. Oprah said: “Wow, what are you wearing?!”. And Whoppi answered: “These shoes are from Irregular Choice.”;-)


How funny! I can imagine though; they have some pretty special shoes….

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