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by Sylvia

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If you have followed the story of my style journey, you will know how I went from a rather frumpy and very casually dressed 30+er living in Australia to a much more polished 40+ er in Singapore.

As I mentioned in my articles and showed you in the videos, I believe that the key to my style transformation was accessories.

I went from no handbags, to a nice assortment of styles with bags for every occasion.

I went from wearing comfortable shoes all the time that were practical to wearing shoes that suit the occasion better. Most of the time still comfortable, but much more fashionable and unique than my previous shoes. And I started wearing heels which I’m really enjoying. And yes, there are heeled shoes that are comfortable and still look great!


I progressed from wearing small, dainty and barely visible jewelry to more elaborate pieces that suited my personal style better and brightened up my face or gave the arty vibe that I like in my outfits.


Then there was the more effective use of belts, watches, rings and glasses. All of them leading towards a more stylish me.


I have accumulated all that I learned over the years about accessories in my new course Accessories Me Confident & Beautiful.

This course contains everything you need to know about accessories.

It will answer all your questions about accessorizing and creating complete outfits that represent you in your best light. Making you feel confident & beautiful!

The course will contain lots of examples and inspirational photos too from both myself and some of my favorite 40+Style stars.


I have also included several bonuses in the course as I wanted to include popular topics such as creating the perfect silhouette and how to downplay those bodyparts like your belly that you would rather not show to the world.

I promise you that you will learn a lot about your own unique personal style and that you will have a lot of FUN doing so!

I hope to welcome you and connect with you in the course area.

For now, please tell me, what would you like to learn about accessorizing?


P.S. For more information or to enrol in the course just click here.


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