A visit to the Art Science Museum in Singapore

by Sylvia

On Sunday we visited the Art Science museum here in Singapore, where currently 2 exhibitions are held:

  • Titanic: The artifact exhibition
  • Dali: Mind of a Genius

The art Science museum is actually an interesting building in itself and is part of the Marina Bay Sands resort complex.

Relaxing in front of the museum.

The Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino is right behind the museum.

Inside we were great with a wonderful shoe by Salvatore Ferragano.

The Titanic exhibition tries to give you the experience of visiting Titanic. They have rebuilt some of the rooms. This is a first class room. We were also given boarding cards with our personality before entering the ‘ship’. At the end we would find out if we survived the crash with the iceberg.

After a while of course, you will hit the iceberg. Here it is an actual ice wall where you can leave your hand print.

A hologram of Salvador Dali. You can walk right through it.

You will be happy to know that we all survived our trip to the Titanic. Each of our personalities made it out alive, which is quite astonishing considering that a majority died. We are so lucky…

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