Shopping in the 9 straatjes in Amsterdam with Greetje

by Sylvia

9 straatjes jodaan amsterdam

Frequent visitors of this site will all know Greetje. The fabulous, funny, honest and very stylish Greetje. Some of you may think that we have been long-time friends, but in fact I only came to know Greetje because of this blog. Greetje connected with this blog and has left a comment on my articles every single day since. No wonder that I now consider her a real friend, we ‘speak’ every day.


It’s pure coincidence that Greetje happens to live just around the corner of my parents in law’s house, which is where I usually go to when I’m in The Netherlands. It creates the perfect opportunity to get to know her better and this time we even had time to go shopping.


Greetje is as delightful in real life as she is on this blog and her own blog No Fear of Fashion. Of course she also dressed the part as she proudly presented the animal print belt that she had been looking for for quite a while (found on Etsy with a little help from Anja).


The skillfully tied animal print scarf looks perfect with this modern casual chic ensemble.


Our shopping destination were the famous 9 straatjes in De Jordaan, a unqiue shopping area in Amsterdam full of small unique little shops (and very picturesque bridges).


And lots of bikes too, of course..


Greetje managed to contain herself on this shopping trip although she did manage to buy some fabulous leather gloves with colored dots (pictured at top) and a black tie.

Encouraged by Greetje I scored some flat shoes (although I’m not sure Greetje approved of them) a skirt, 2 blouses and a casual dress. All very affordable from Cos, a sister brand of H&M which is not yet available in Singapore (but definitely my kind of store).

You will just have to wait and see what it all looks like. If you want to see more of Greetje, you can always go check out her blog.

What have you purchased lately?


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Trina Grandinetti

This just made my day. It’s so wonderful to see how friends can connect and have such a fun time together and it was obvious Greetje was having a wonderful time (beautiful picture Greetje). Although it was a shopping trip so I kind of felt just a little left out, lol. Thanks for sharing. O’ lately I have purchased two new pairs of sandals (shoes, is that a surprise?)


You look absolutely awesome Greetje! I adore everything about this outfit – the vivid purple blazer, the white shirt, the sunglasses, and that animal print belt along the scarf is the perfect finishing touch!!


Sounds like a wonderful day and Greetje’s outfit is perfect! I have purchased vests and shoes recently…


Looking great, Greetje! Nice article and great pictures. Glad you found each other…;-)

Looking forward to seeing your purchases, Sylvia!


What a surprise… did not know Sylvia was going to publish them so soon. I get rather shy when I read all these compliments. But thank you all very much.
I found 40+Style blog because Anja and Sylvia are friends. Anja encouraged me by saying: this is totally something for you. And she was right. Started following in March last year and immediately got hooked.
Had a great day with Sylvia. It felt as if we have been friends for years.


Fantastic pictures of you Greetje, and great outfits. How lovely to spend time in the city with Sylvia. I was there this time last year and the photos have brought back lots of happy memories for me. I loved it.


Every time I see photographs of Amsterdam I think how lovely it is! The architecture and obvious history of the city makes me want to visit. And now, thanks to 40+style, I would have many friends to share it with me. 🙂
Greetje looks so cute and fun and fashionable. I love those new gloves with the “dots”. And the belt and scarf are perfect. Her outfits always give me a goal to strive for. She understands flattering fit and color.
I can’t wait to see your new clothes Sylvia. I am starting to hear more and more about COS. Thank you for this wonderful post. 🙂


All of the photos are wonderful, what a fun day ! I want to see what Sylvia bought …..
Greetje, you always look so stylish, but most of all you always look very comfortable in your stylish clothes, which is really attractive. I love those gloves ! Unfortunately an item which is never required here in Florida …..
I’m glad the weather cooperated and you had a beautiful clear sunny day, great to see photos of Amsterdam


I have to admit that a bodyshaper, fitted jacket and tight jeans feel less comfortable than it looks haha. You know what they say: never judge by appearance.


How nice you met each other.
I’m jealous I must say, because I live in a place were no one would come.
I had an experience meeting a blogger when I visited Canada and it was fantastic.
But what matters is that Greetje is looking awesome, fun and stylish. Love the scarf with the belt (I need a black and white belt).
And it sounds you both had a wonderful time.
Looking forward to see your buys, Sylvia 🙂
Have fun girls.


I need a black and white belt too Nanda. I am trying to copy Sylvia’s, haha. I am shameless.


How happy you look in the sunshine Greetje! I think it’s wonderful how we are making friends around the world thanks to this site! Personally, if Sylvia visited me I would be in such a panic about what to wear I wouldn’t be able to leave the house! You are brave and you look great! The purple jacket is fab! Also, how is it sunny with you when it’s like Siberia in the UK?
Nanda, I am sure we would all be delighted to visit you!
Are you in Norway now Sylvia? How is the cold?


We had a great day and I agree with you all. Greetje looks fabulous (much better than me!). It was actually very cold. Greetje was very brave to take her coat off. The sun is deceiving, the wind was icy! I have now arrived in Norther Norway which is an incredible winter wonderland. We have a cottage by the sea and the views are amazing. It’s snowing right now. I will try and take lots of wonderful pictures and share it with you all next week….


I’m excited to see your Norway pictures. I visited Oslo in 2004, when my sister and husband lived there for a year, and my niece was born there. The farthest north we went was Lillehammer. It was in April and the downhill skiing was over, but people were still cross-country skiing. I’d love to go back! Any Northern Lights? Have fun!

Bella Q, The Citizen Rosebud

Sylvia- I have you to thank for introducing us to the fearless, and fabulous Greetje! She looks great and I bet you two had a blast shopping!


The pictures are fabulous, and Greetje, you are super stylish and look great! I bet it would be really fun to shop with you two! 🙂


Oh…I forgot my purchases of late…a cranberry-colored collar-less blouse with a tiny floral print, a pair of flats (oxfords) that are a rose-ish color, part leather and part a crochet-type weave fabric with a ribbon for shoe laces, a pair of gladiator-style sandals (Kate Spade…I could not resist!), and a pair of taupe-colored slim leg jeans (not skinny jeans…I don’t have the bum for those!).

Marie S

How wonderful that you were able to meet up! Greetje looks fabulous as ever. I have only bought a new pair of jeans recently. Still looking though and I shopped today but didn’t buy anything. More research!


Isn’t it amazing how small the world really is! I love that you have built a friendship from the blog. I have just recently discovered Greetje through your style challenges and have enjoyed her outfits and comments as well.



beautiful photos, beautiful, flattering and stylish outfits, beautiful district, one of my favorites…well done ladies for having such a lovely day! btw COS is also one of the stores i find lots and lots of stuff


What a coincidence on the last 2 pictures you see in the back at you right hand the store that my sister owned for 30 years and she lived above the shop. Greetje you look great in your purple jacket and the gloves are fun and just you. I am glad you found your belt at last.


Of course I “know” Greetje 😉 This is the beauty of us mature bloggers – we have more of a community. I only started a couple of months ago but places like Sylvia’s here or Greetje’s blog are very special!
Thank you both for showing us around Amsterdam. Lovely photos indeed.

Lady of Style


What a woman, is Greetje, elegant, charming and attractive. I’ma big fan of your blog.


Hi guys, I decided to show you the same outfit but now with other items, like the tie I bought that day. Creating the dandy look.
Have a look at the Forum with this link:

Nicolene Richards

What a lovely post! I adore the fact that mature women indulge in bright colours. I firmly promote the concept of colour to ad some spice! Love the accents in the post!


I got the joy of meeting Greetje from your 40+blog list and I ever since I had spend time reading her blog and checking her fabulous outfits!
How lucky is to meet someone in “real life” and discovered that they really are as lovely and personable as they are in their blogs!


Oh stop it you flattering creatures…. I am blushing all over. I am a normal person who can get cranky and miserable too. Have quite a temper etc. Nobody is as good as you describe me hahaha.

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