5 outfit formulas for winter – Which of these 12 outfits is your favorite?

by Sylvia

5 outfit formulas for winter - Which of these 12 outfits is your favorite? | 40plusstyle.com

Putting together the perfect winter look does not have to be a constant challenge every morning. By creating a formula of what looks work best for you, you are able to:

(a) put an outfit together with ease and

(b) shop for new pieces in a more strategic manner.

In today’s post, I cover ensemble formulas  you can use to put together effortlessly chic and warm winter looks.

Here are five formulas you can easily replicate

1. Short coat + Sweater + Leather gloves + Wide leg wool trousers + Ankle boots

Create the perfect balance by pairing a cropped or short coat with a pair of flattering wide leg trousers.

The wool material is completely winter appropriate, and the heavier material also serves to create the perfect silhouette for this look. Ankle boots with a slight heel support the wider leg and allow for an elongating look.

Go with a sweater that contrasts with the coat and allow it to peek through for a look with more depth.

Outfit idea for winter: cropped coat with wide leg trousers| 40plusstyle.com

Look #1

Look #2

Look #3

2. Tailored wool coat + Blazer +Blouse + Slim leg jeans + Knee-high boots

Pairing a blazer with a tailored wool coat is a very easy way to achieve a sophisticated look that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

The key is to make sure your blazer and coat are well tailored and fit your body shape seamlessly. Have fun with this look by selecting one bright piece, such as the pink blazer below, or going with contrasting prints and ruffles.

Winter fashion looks | 40plusstyle.com

Look #1

Look #2

Look #3

3. Faux fur coat + Cashmere sweater + Leather pants + Ankle boots

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when selecting the perfect length for a fur coat:

  • Shorter coats give off an edgier and more modern look, while longer fur coats tend to be more classic.
  • With a fur coat, keep  the sweater as thin as possible to keep your look from being too bulky. Cashmere is great for this, as the material will keep you warm without adding too much bulk.
  • Also play around with texture. As an example, the black fur coat below has been paired with black leather pants. Both black, the look is given a more colorful vibe due to the contrast of the textures.

Fur coats and booties for winter fashion | 40plusstyle.com

Look #1

Look #2

Look #3

4. Cape + Short-sleeve cashmere sweater + Long gloves + Black pants + Over-the-knee boots

A cape is one of those must-have staples for fall and winter. You can throw it over a dress, skirt, or pair of pants and immediately achieve a polished look.  For a dramatic winter look that is easy to put together, go with your chicest pair of black pants and your staple cape coat.

Pair a short or 3/4 sleeve sweater with the look and add elbow length gloves with the look, which will make you overall outfit look super polished.

Over-the-knee boots keep you right on trend.

Cape outfit ideas for winter | 40plusstyle.com

Look #1

Look #2

Look #3

5. Belted coat + Turtleneck dress + Cashmere tights + Ankle boots

This look requires only 4 basic pieces.

A belted wool coat that is tailored to your body shape is a great investment that will keep paying for itself every winter season after every winter season.

Embrace the turtleneck dress by pairing it with a belted wool coat.

Select a dress that contrasts with your coat and you have a visually engaging look that is also functional by keeping your neck warm.

Tights work to keep you warm, but also allow you to add on ankle boots for an elongating look.

belted wool coat and turtleneck outfit ideas for winter | 40plusstyle.com

Look #1

Look #2

Look #3

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What are some of your favorite winter looks?


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1 Elaine

It’s cold here already so I’m already wearing outfits like #1-3. I like your ideas for making them more stylish and will keep this article handy. Not planning to purchase a cape this season but a new winter skirt or dress are definitely on the shopping list!


2 Sylvia

Looking forward to seeing your outfits in the community Elaine!


3 Sherry Edwards

I can’t decide which is my favourite look. They are ALL great!! I can see myself wearing everything displayed. I am curious about the wide-legged “cuffed” pants. Are they making a comeback? I haven’t seen anyone where I live wearing them. I haven’t checked the stores yet. Not sure if this is something I want to get ‘again’.
I’ve read and heard everywhere that petite women should avoid this look since it makes them appear shorter. I’ve worn these type of pants before and loved them and didn’t feel “short” (but maybe I was wrong, ha! ha!) What I don’t like about these pants is the draft up the leg in winter, yes, even with tights. And, I don’t like the feeling of fabric blowing around my feet in the winter. Also, these pants are a pain to drive in. What do you think? Are they coming back in?


4 Sylvia

Wide cropped pants are the most fashionable right now and I just got myself another pair in black. They can be challenging to wear but the trick is to wear tops that are short with them or a belted top that highlights the waist. Full length pants are getting popular too and I actually think they are ideal for petites. Find some guidelines at https://40plusstyle.com/wide-legged-pants-how-to-wear-them-and-where-to-buy/ You can offset the draughtiness by wearing thicker (knee high) tights or wearing boots. I think petites can definitely wear both cropped as well as full-length pants so long as they take proportion of the outfit into account.


5 Sue

I’m petite with legs that lean slightly towards the short side and I look good in wide legged pants and purchased wide legged cropped pants this summer. The style balances my V shape. What makes them work for me is a high waist cut paired with cropped tops or tucked to partially tucked tops. However, I do not wear them cuffed. I, also, do not wear high heels, I’m a low heeled gal. I find them very elegant, a la Katherine Hepburn.


6 Aimee

Wow! I love seeing outfit ideas like these. My favorite is the straight leg jeans with the peach sweater. Sweaters and jeans are my winter uniform, for the most part, but I love getting more ideas to expand my wardrobe. Thanks for the inspiration!


7 Sylvia

You are very welcome Aimee!


8 Suzanne

These are all fab, but my fave is #3! What a great round up of fun looks! Thank you!


9 Becky

Love the wide wool trousers and the midi turtle neck dress. However can’t wear turtlenecks I have a large chest.


10 Max

Great post. It has been very helpful in helping me structure my winter wardrobe uniforms. I am also in the processing of packing for a 3 week winter Europe holiday and this has been valuable in assisting me in setting my style options to minimise packing.


11 nancy

My favorites definately are the dresses with ankle boots! I love those looks. I don’t like Fall or Winter but I sure love the collections!


12 Venus Cruz

I need your help. I do not wear pants of any kind. I only wear dresses and skirts. IT is hard to find blouses to wear with them that do not tuck in. Due to a car accident I have a back issue, which causes my hips to swell at times, so I do not tuck in the tops. I prefer fuller long skirts…..but I am also only 5 ft. tall and can not wear heels anymore due to my back. I am 56 years old, and super long hair. I usually wear a top with maybe a jacket or cardigan over it. I do not work outside the home, so my clothing is more casual, but not so casual I can’t go to town and not look well put together. Most of all the outfits it seems you do, alot of them are with pants….like this winter put together. Thank you Venus


13 Sylvia

Most women prefer pants which is why they are featured more but skirts can be just as stylish. Also keep the proportion in mind when wearing skirts and try to create a 1/3/2/3 silhouette which is the most flattering (a concept explained in my style course). For inspiration, check out all these fabulous looks with skirts and dresses https://40plusstyle.com/skirts-and-dresses-in-winter/


14 Juliann

I really love these outfits! Great styling ideas. This winter I was going to try the overall/dungaree trend. I wonder what layers you would combine with that silhouette.


15 Petra

I love the white trousers with the blue jacket from #1… Unfortunately, our weather is not for white trousers in winter (too much rain, too much mud) …


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