40+Style inspiration: Seeing red at fashion week – Which of the 6 is your favorite look?

by Sylvia

Wearing red at New York Fashion week | 40plusstyle.com

Red makes an impact. When you wear red, people will notice you. Red is a also a very versatile color. Easy to combine with black, white, blue, camel and so many other colors.

I’m growing ever more fond of red and have learned to embrace the color for myself. These 6 women at New York Fashion Week wore it with style as well.

Wearing a red dress and jacket | 40plusstyle.com Lady in red | 40plusstyle.com Wearing a red A-line dress | 40plusstyle.com Lady in a red pant suit | 40plusstyle.com Wearing a red see through dress | 40plusstyle.com

Of the 6 looks above, I adore the black and red dress and love the lady in the red pant suit. But I think my favorite is the woman in the red A-line dress. Such a simple and sophisticated look.

Do you like to wear red? What is your favorite look here?


All photos by Denton Taylor

1 denton

I love the woman with the Dior bag but not the way she mixes reds and oranges.

I love the woman with the red hair and bare shoulder. She’s saying ‘hey I put a lot of work into myself and I can pull this look off’. And she does.

#4 & 6 are nice but for me don’t have enough interest for Fashion Week.

The top two are so beautiful and with such lovely smiles I have difficulty separating woman from outfit, but as you can tell I certainly like them!

2 Jill

They are all lovely! But my fav is #1. I like the lines and the classy and elegant look!

3 Deb

Number 2 does it for me, so ladylike, though I might change out the handbag.

4 Rebecca

I like the first outfit in #1 and the dress in #4 but feel the black bag and shoes are too heavy looking.

5 Patti

My pick is #4 – so simple and pretty!

6 ies

I like lady in red #6, she looks very beautiful and natural. And I would change the color of bag, I think it can be metalic or beige color.

7 Aileen

I like the simplicity of No. 1 Classic and elegant.

8 SusanG

#4 is elegant and beautiful. I love red!

9 Ashley

I like #1. She is one classy lady!

10 Suzanne

Loving the lady in the suit. She really has it all together and has chosen great accessories.


11 Greetje

I cannot choose. What I do want is the blue bag!!!! Oh wow.

12 Sheri

I prefer #1 for its classy style and its versatility. Yes, I could definitely see this hanging in my closet!

13 lucyin the sky

The first one,super classy!

14 Angela

Number 4 is definitely my favorite:)

15 Rita

Numbers 1 (very classy), 2 (so cute and feminine) and 6 (for my inner Boho trying to come out). I would definitely try all 3.

I don’t wear a lot of true red as it isn’t a good color on me. Wine/burgundy/oxblood or whatever the name du season is works better for me, though rusty reds can work as well, mixed with neutrals.

16 emma

thank u so much ….your fashion style’s suggestions are interesting…

17 Lorraine

I don’t wear red because I feel very conspicuous in it! However, I did have a lovely red postbox red (the right shade for my colouring) dress when I had my career that I bought to wear for a presentation I did. I could totally see myself in # 1 and I really like #2. Much as I hate the ‘age appropriate’ phrase, I am not totally convinced about #3.

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