40+Style inspiration: combining silver and white

by Sylvia

Amy Fine Collins | 40plusstyle.com

I love this complete look.

All the elements are in perfect harmony to make this outfit young & hip, elegant but very fashion forward, simple yet sophisticated. 

The dress itself is fabulous of course, but the added shoes and handbag make the overall outfit extra hip.

Other features that make this overall look special is this woman’s hip hairstyle, modern sunglasses and red lips.

To me the complete picture says that this woman is interesting, independent, self assured, modern and that she understands today’s world. I would definitely like to talk to this woman and pick her brain on style!

Whether we like it or not, the way you dress leaves an impression about yourself. I don’t know this woman at all but I’m making a judgement based on the way she looks. That is one of the reasons why dressing true to your identity and unique personality is so important. You want to give the correct message about yourself.

You only get one chance to leave a good first impression!

How about you? Do you like this look?

(please be reminded that these are real people who may come across your comments so any feedback you have needs to be brought in a positive and respectful way)


Photographed during New York Fashion Week by Denton Taylor

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1 Rita

Very sophisticated. It could look rather dull, but the variations in silver/grey tones in the bag and shoes, and her dark hair and glasses give it some depth.

2 Patti

Great sophisticated look – it’s all finished in the fab details I think. Her hairstyle, lipstick, purse — everything adds up. xo

3 Deb

Simple, classic, stylish and so classy. A great body helps too…..the definition of her deltoids stands out! Love the look and her attention to detail. A lovely post Sylvia.

4 Lauren@Styleseer

Yes, Amy Fine Collins is a truly elegant and lovely woman. It’s always a pleasure to cross paths with her at New York Fashion Week.

5 Sylvia

Thanks so much for putting a name to this image Lauren! Thanks to you I now know that she is a contributor / special correspondent to Vanity Fair.

6 Suzanne

Very cool look. Plus I envy those toned guns she has.


7 Ashley

I love this. The red lip and cat-eye glasses make it for me.

8 Lisa

I really like the purse. It’s very interesting and yet it is still neutral enough to go with many outfits.

9 Pauline


10 Greetje Kamminga

Yes, this look is very cool. Although… what would it have been like if she had added another (third) colour? (Learned that from you and you were right. Usually adds interest).
But I am nitpicking. She is indeed a sight for sore eyes.
Apart from the fact I would need a jacket or a cardigan I would be very happy to wear this.

11 Sylvia

That would have worked too but in this particular outfit I like the simplicity of the 2 colors. They almost blend into one and I feel it’s just the perfect combi. Sometimes it’s more powerful to go extra minimal.

12 Rebecca

Amy Fine Collins is one of my all-time fashion and style icons. She knows her look completely and is always exquisitely and appropriately dressed. In fact, the first book on fashion and style I purchased was authored by her and Olivia Goldsmith called “Simple isn’t Easy”. I still have the copy I purchased from a bookstore located at the World Trade Center in the early 1990’s. The advice still rings true and I look at it for that and the memories of the World Trade Center before 9/11.

13 Sylvia

It’s incredible I never came across her before. She has become a new style crush!

14 Petra

This “look” is fun and it looks like the lady is happy and loves showing what she’s into (silver bag, silver heels etc) 🙂 Oozing confidence!

15 Isabel

Ah yes, Amy Fine Collins. She is just fantastic.

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