40+Style inspiration: best animal print looks

by Sylvia

best animal print looks by women over 40

Animal print is still a very popular print and 40+ women wear it in style!

I like animal print best when it’s worn in a subtle manner and I love the print mixing of the lady above as well as the lady in the third picture.


Animal print coat | 40plusstyle.com Great pattern mixing with stripes and animal print | 40plusstyle.com Great casual chic outfit featuring animal print | 40plusstyle.com colorful pattern mixing with animal print pants | 40plusstyle.com

animal print coat and hat | 40plusstyle.comMixing black with animal print | 40plusstyle.com

Will you be wearing animal print this season? Which is your favorite look?


Photographed during New York Fashion Week by Denton Taylor

1 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

Love the cape in #3 – and all the looks are very smart.

2 Ann

I think the second coat is really pretty with the blue bag.

blue hue wonderland

3 denton

I got the very strong feeling that the woman second from the bottom was wearing some REAL animal. Absolutely beautiful tho.

4 Aileen

Great ideas on how to wear animal print and these ladies can carry it off well.
I think I can just about manage to style a scarf of mine which is animal print, but my friend recently bought me gorgeous black fabric gloves with animal print lining which can be seen when the tops are turned down.
To me it can look either extremely luxurious or extremely cheap and frightens me a bit in case I get it wrong.
I also don’t think it is in my ‘style’ type and maybe you have to be bold and daring to wear it.
What do you think Sylvia?

5 Sylvia

I never liked animal print and have hardly ever worn it. I have come to appreciate it more though when it is worn well. Both Greetje and Saskia looked fabulous in their animal print coats, but on myself I usually prefer it in a subtle way. It is not a minimalist style which is something I personally always lean towards. My favorite look from the above is #3 where the animal print is used in a subtle way.

6 Aileen

That’s interesting Sylvia, I agree with you, it isn’t a minimalist style and I am leaning more and more towards keeping my style simple, using more block colours rather than lots of patterns or animal prints. It’s great for dynamic, confident types.

7 Greetje

The top one is good with the pattern mixing and the lime. Great with black and white. The second one… love this coat !!! Gorgeous. The fourth one is very different/unusual I will give her 10 out of 10 for creating this. Looks very nice. I bet she had fun putting it together.
I don’t like the fifth one but that is perhaps because I am quite conservative on pattern mixing (still learning; or perhaps I will always be a bit cautious).

8 Sylvia

I agree Greetje. #5 is a bit much for me too…..

9 Tangobabe

I don’t lke five either, although I am all in favor for some bold pattern mixing, but this is just not well done, IMHO.

10 Cynthia

Love the first and last photos — the first is so elegant and the last lady looks so comfortable yet pulled together.

11 Tangobabe

1, 4, and 6 are my favourites. For myself I don’ t mind an occasional animal print here and there, but as a blonde I find I need to be careful for it not to get tacky.

12 Aileen Wrennall

I hadn’t thought about being blonde would matter much, but I now understand what you mean and agree.

13 JoanieB

Number 1 and 5 look super, however number 5’s shoes clash big time with the trousers, sad really as that lady has a fab look. Must try a little bit of cat when I go to the shops next !!!

14 Lorraine

I like #1 and #2 but am still reeling from #5’s pairing of boots and trousers! Scary! I have embraced animal print and have no problem with the blonde thing. I have gloves, loafers, scarf and jumper (but don’t wear them all together!) in black and tan shades (not black and white). When I saw Annette (Lady of Style) rocking her animal print skirt I decided to buy a similar one and wore it to my Book Club (with mustard cardigan and black boots). I was told I looked ‘racy’ LOL!

15 Aileen Wrennall

Any possibility of seeing you wearing it Lorraine? It sounds lovely.

16 Greetje

Agreed. I assume that “racy” is very positive.

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