#40plusstyle Inspiration: 25 ways to style your winter sweater

by Sylvia

#40plusstyle Inspiration: 25 ways to style your winter sweater | 40plusstyle.com

Sometimes, comfort really is key when it comes to getting dressed. A cozy sweater can feel like you’re wearing a hug in cold weather.

But, just because a piece is warm and comfortable, that doesn’t mean it can’t also be stylish. Here are 25 of the most stylish ways to style your sweater this winter.


A rich, forest green can be a beautiful color for winter. Here the look is kept monochrome with a green sweater and matching floral skirt.

This allows the gold pendant and bangles to really stand out.

25 ways to wear your winter sweater - countrychic.nl | 40plusstyle.com@carolem­­_beauty

Another tonal look, but this time the sweater and pants are in the same color family rather than the same shade.

The pink sweater goes beautifully with these burgundy pants and is a very modern way to wear pink.

25 ways to wear your winter sweater - carolem­­_beauty | 40plusstyle.com


Again, a tonal look which works beautifully. The shade of this oversized sweater is very similar to the color of the jeans in this outfit.

The look is finished off with beige accessories and on-trend round sunglasses.
pepavallejos | 40plusstyle.com


As well as providing a style statement of its own, the turtleneck sweater here is the perfect companion to this patterned skirt and statement necklace in matching hues.

pearls_of_alibaba | 40plusstyle.com

Still looking for a good sweater?

I got all of mine at one of my favorite shops Stella Carakasi (use code 40PLUS15 for 15% off your first order). You can find a selection of my sweaters in this capsule wardrobe for winter.


A cream turtleneck sweater can be a closet staple which goes with so many pieces. Here, the whole look is kept neutral with a leopard print skirt and black leather jacket.

The only pop of color is the yellow handbag.

40plusnotgivingupyet | 40plusstyle.com


Textured sweaters are very on trend for this winter. This sweater looks perfect for a day spent cuddling with baby.

Plus, the heart-shaped sunglasses add extra romanticism to the pink shade of the knitwear.

ReadytoWear | 40plusstyle.com


A yellow sweater is perfect when you want to bring some sunshine into your life, even if the weather is still chilly.

This sweater is worn with a pleated black leather-look skirt and fishnet tights. There are more yellow combinations here.

grownandcurvywoman | 40plusstyle.com


Logo sweaters were all over the runways for fall and winter. This look works so beautifully because of the coordinated way the hair and glasses work with the sweater.

gabriellaparadi | 40plusstyle.com


Of course, a sweater doesn’t have to be a sweater. It can also be a sweater dress. This vibrant green dress is worn with black boots and hoop earrings.

25 ways to wear your winter sweater - lapecosapreciosa | 40plusstyle.com


When the weather outside is so cold, sometimes faux fur is the only texture that will do! This fluffy sweater is teamed with a beanie hat, striped gloves and boots.

Note how the look is pulled together through the stripes in the hat and gloves, and the way the socks match the hat.

shelbeeontheedge | 40plusstyle.com


A leopard print cardigan or sweater can be a really versatile piece for your winter closet. Here, this look is kept neutral, but it features some seriously stylish pattern mixing.

justifyingjen | 40plusstyle.com


Another great closet staple, a black sweater can really make sure that accessories such as this pretty scarf stand out.fancystuffandprettythings | 40plusstyle.com


The beautiful purple shade of this oversized sweater is complimented with the yellow handbag.

The sweater is worn over a neutral shirt, with the collar left outside, and is tucked into jeans at the front to show off a leopard print belt.

estel­_serrats | 40plusstyle.com


Another fabulous look featuring a black sweater, but this time worn with a pretty white skirt. It’s a great way to ensure you can still wear summer pieces as the weather gets colder.

The black sweater perfectly matches the wearer’s glasses, and the look is finished with a pop of red lipstick.
kasiunka71 | 40plusstyle.com


A lovely look featuring teal greens. The stripes in the sweater compliment those in the skirt.

The look is kept casual and practical with sneakers.

lifestylemavens | 40plusstyle.com


Sweaters can be worn in a way which is casual or more dressy. Here, a voluminous skirt is paired with the red sweater and a yellow scarf, along with matching sunglasses.

This look is finished perfectly with a white box bag.

madamechicbcn | 40plusstyle.com


Blue and white is always a beautiful pairing. Here the blue of the top part of the sweater is matched to the jeans, while accessories are a neutral tan.prettytallstyle | 40plusstyle.com@elrincodenagore

An all-neutral look is given added interest through the use of pattern in the coat, the collar of the sweater and this stylish beret.

elrincodenagore | 40plusstyle.com


Sweaters worn with skirts have been a big trend this season. It’s a look which is also a favorite of Victoria Beckham.

Here, a rust colored sweater is teamed with a white skirt and, of course, matching flowers.

sarbreslin | 40plusstyle.com


This look shows why whites and creams definitely shouldn’t just be kept for summer. The look is deliberately kept all-neutral, with the use of tonal whites, creams, camel and tan.

It is finished off with gold jewelry, including a long, statement cross necklace.

25 ways to wear your winter sweater - lieblingsstil | 40plusstyle.com


Another look featuring all neutrals, but this time, the outfit is tied together through the use of the leopard print bag and sneakers.

The outfit is given added interest as a result of the texture of the coat.
justalpatri | 40plusstyle.com


This look also makes very stylish use of a limited color palette. But, there’s no shortage of interest as a result of the pattern mixing, textures, and blue sunglasses.

25 ways to wear your winter sweater - journeyofastylist | 40plusstyle.com


While it is a pattern, snakeprint is also a very on-trend neutral in this outfit. A classic cream sweater is the perfect partner to this skirt, which is accessorized to perfection with this very cute canine!


Again, this look takes a tonal approach. The burgundy of the sweater is mirrored in both the jacket and the beanie hat. The look is finished with matching lipstick.

enjoyittoo | 40plusstyle.com


Another bright and beautiful look. Here, the yellow sweater is teamed with a stylish cap.

zincmoon | 40plusstyle.com

For more inspiration, take a look at this piece on new ways to style your sweater.

Which of these looks is your favorite? How do you style your sweater during winter and fall?

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25 ways to style your winter sweater | 40plusstyle.com



1 Greetje Kamminga

Great post for inspiration. Greet Moens, journeyofastylist, is my favourite in this post.

2 Sylvia

Her use of color is always so good!

3 Misja

Inspirational! I like the ton-sur-ton of @pepavallejos very much. And also all the blues of Greet Moens.

4 Nancy

Fabulously inspiring!

5 Elaine

@elrincodenagore is my favourite most like my style. Reminded me I didn’t wear one of my fave jumpers this winter. I like textured or fluffy items. Short sleeved jumpers or tunics are good over tops in hot environment or when having a personal hot moment.

6 Arielle B Simone

I love many of these looks, but am especially into the edgy/ladylike combo of the yellow sweater with pleated skirt and fishnets!

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