40+ women looking great at New York Fashion Week! – What is your favorite look?

by Sylvia

40+ women looking great at New York Fashion Week! | 40plusstyle.com

40+ style photographer Denton is still busy capturing the best street style at fashion week (you can see all my favorite runway looks in my spring and summer 2015 trends pinboard) but he already sent me this fabulous image of a group of 40+ women looking absolutely amazing.

Each of these women looks youthful, hip and unique!

For more detail, you can click on the image for a larger version.

Then hit the back button in your browser and  let me know in the comments: which of the outfits in this photo is your favorite and why?


Photography by Denton Taylor


1 Suzanne

Got to be the lady in red from that shot. She really stands out from the crowd and that dress flatters her fantastic figure. Plus wearing a red dress like that just takes confidence. I love it.


2 Patti

Great looks! I love the LBD with the gold chains. xo

3 Lisa

That was my favorite, too.

4 julia

I agree, black dress with long gold chain and tassel purse!

5 Lorraine

Me too!

6 Tammila Goodwin

I agree with Suzanne, the lady in red. Fabulous.

7 Ashley

I like the two ladies in black on the right. Very classy!

8 denton

It’s always a bit hard for me to completely separate the woman from the style but first for me is the look on the far left. The dress is great and she pairs it perfectly with the pink pocketbook.

THen I love 4th from left in the gray shoulderless dress. Sexy and confident!

The middling one with the houndstooth check skirt is well put together also!

9 denton

Oops I meant 4th from RIGHT

10 Fabulous 30s

It is so amazing and refreshing seeing older ladies (and so fabulous ones) on the NYFW. Usually everyone take photos of only 20-somethings.

Fabulous 30s

11 Annette

Both black dresses! They are superchic and I’d wear something black for such an event.

Annette | Lady of Style

12 tracey

I like the red. But my fave is the extra large black and white houndstooth skirt.

13 Trina

I must be crazy, but I only found the ladies in the all black dresses to my liking, especially the one with the gold necklace and classy pumps.

14 Rita

That was exactly my first thought, Trina! I hate to say it, but the others look rather…how do I say this politely…like they shopped at Target and are trying too hard? And I am reminded how much I abhor strapless, tube top looking things. YUCK!

15 Lorraine

Hehe Rita! While I hate the phrase ‘age appropriate’ I do think that strapless / tube tops are not age appropriate after about 13!

16 Greetje Kamminga

I am with Patti, Lisa and Trina… The fith one from the right in the LBD with the gold chains. So elegant. And the lady in the houndstooth skirt is my second choice. Not much colour in this row. And the red dress is not my taste. i like the colour but not the shape.

17 mary

I love both of the black dresses to classy and elegant but I am also liking the houndstooth skirt look also . All the women look fabulous

18 jane

Little black sheath works for me!

19 Robin

Everyone looks great! I especially like the dress on the far left. I am from Southern California, so I am partial to boho and colorful looks.

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