40+ Style inspiration: Beatrix Ost looking beautifully arty

by Sylvia

40+ Style inspiration: Beautifully arty | 40plusstyle.com

Could you walk past this lady and not take notice? How powerful she is!

What a beautiful and artful look. I also adore the lips and the shoes!

Do you like artful dressing?


Photography by Denton Taylor

1 Kathy

I love everything but the bare shoulders. I don’t know why…just me. And LOVE LOVE the shoes!

2 Susan

Wonderful and shows what you can do.. I also wonder if different countries are excepting.. of different, size and age.

She’s a person who hasn’t stopped changing in her appearance.. and such a beautiful lady!!!

3 Suzanne

WOW! What an inspiration.


4 Patti

LOVE it, every bit of it, and the lipstick too. xo

5 Monica

Beautiful! You can’t help but adore everything about this lady.

6 No Fear or Fashion

I adore everything. Wow, she is soooo good. Classic features, so she has always been beautiful.

7 lkla

That’s Beatrice Ost, my town’s most glamorous resident.

8 Sylvia

Thanks for putting a name to this image Lkla! She looked so familiar to me but I couldn’t quite place her.

9 Cyndy

Yes she is really making a Statement!!!! I love it that’s what fashion is all about trying new things and own it!!! Age is just a number Fashion is Forever!!!!

10 Stacey

What a diva you are … it takes a special kind of boldness to pull a look like that off, and you nailed it!

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