Doing a mild 4-day detox in Phuket, Thailand

by Sylvia

Doing a mild 4-day detox in Phuket, Thailand |

If you have been following me on Facebook or Instagram, you will know that I went on a detox last week in Phuket. Here is a report of how I felt while I was there, accompanied by some snaps taken with my ipad (too lazy relaxed to take proper pictures….)!

Atmanjai detox retreat Thailand |

As I write this I’m sitting in a chair in the shade overlooking the ocean and the blue sea.

Life is good! I’d love to go back in my lazy chair and read my book and magazine but I felt it would be good to write down my thoughts of this week-long trip right in the moment as I feel this immense calm and happiness.

Detox centre Atmanjai Thailand |

This is the third time I have done a detox.

This time time I did it in a very mild way and I came here with my whole family. The trip was not initiated by me either. It was my husband who really felt like a week of relaxation and detox. As I had been to Atmanjai before, I suggested this place to him as you can both do the detox as well as relax at the pool so it would be a good place for my son too. And there is the beautiful sea to look at.

detoxinphuket (4 of 9)

I came here not totally motivated. I did not really feel like I needed to detox this time, but mainly came here to be with my family and support my husband. As I always like the new and exciting, I initially felt that perhaps I should have booked another place as this was all too familiar and perhaps a bit boring?

Now, at the end of my detox though and still here for 2 more days, I feel so glad I came back. I feel so relaxed here. This place just works.

The detox was a lot easier this time too.

Instead of doing complete fasting, which is called Ultra Cleanse here, we opted for the Eat Well programme instead. In this programme, you still get three very healthy meals a day and only 2 mud shakes!

Delicious lentil soup | 40plusstyle.comLoved this lentil soup.

Lasagna made from uncooked vegetables | 40plusstyle.comThere is no pasta or any cooked vegetable in this uncooked vegetable lasagna and it was so delicious! Still waiting for the recipe..

Nori rolls made from uncooked vegetables | 40plusstyle.comThese Japanese Nori rolls without rice were another favorite!

For those of you that have read my previous detoxing reports, you already know how much I dislike those shakes. In the Ultra Cleanse programme you need to take five of them. They are extremely beneficial of course as they keep you from feeling hungry and help with the toxins elimination process, but they are a tough act to swallow.

Two shakes, in combination with three delicious healthy meals and two healthy smoothies is a breeze though.

You also only have one colema in the Eat Well programme. In addition there is coconut water (drunk out of a fresh coconut), daily massage, daily ultrasonic zapping, daily wellness talks, daily steam sauna and daily morning yoga.

Steam room at Atmanjai | 40plusstyle.comThe steam bath at 5 pm was one of the highlights of each day!

detoxinphuket (5 of 9)

Now that my programme has stopped I’m still doing yoga at 7.30 in the morning no less. Those that know me will know that is no mean feat. What’s more I don’t even need an alarm clock. I naturally wake up before that time.

So instead of feeling bored, I just feel so relaxed right now. I feel cleansed, more aware, more alive and yes more happy.

Animal print bikini | 40plusstyle.comI’m a bikini girl, so thought I would show a little bit about my bikini style!

My very skeptical husband to anything too alternative is a convert too.

We are discussing how we can incorporate more healthy eating habits into our lives and feel that we need to do mild detoxing every year.

Right now, I’m just sad that tomorrow is going to be by last day. That said, there is still one full day to enjoy, so I’m going back to my lazy chair and do that!

Big Buddha, Phuket, Thailand | 40plusstyle.comThere was time for some trips too. Here I am wearing a sarong as a cover-up (given at the entrance) in front of the Big Buddha!

Little golden buddha, Phuket, Thailand | 40plusstyle.comAt the same place there was also a small golden Buddha.

Have you ever considered a detox programme?


p.s. for more (and better!) photos about Atmanjai and my previous experience with the ultra cleanse programme, please check my previous 3 part report: part 1, part 2 and part 3.

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1 Suzanne

This one sounds a little bit more doable for me. Still…I think I might have a hard time with the shakes. The only way to find out if I’d like is to actually do one though.

You do look very relaxed and happy …and GREAT in your bikini! : )



2 Sylvia

Only 2 of them are not so bad. You just mix them with with not so much water, then gulp then down with one big sip. Then lots more water afterwards!
The experience as a whole is just so relaxing….


3 Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

Now, this would be my kind of detox ‘holiday’! The meals look wonderful. I’m curious to learn more about the mud shake though…what is that? I work in the natural health field, and so detox programmes are very familiar to me. I haven’t done one for a while though, and you’ve got me motivated to plan my own ‘holiday’ style detox. I don’t know if it’s because I’m older, but I find I really prefer the more mild cleanses…I just can’t do the fasting detoxes anymore. Thanks for sharing! PS loved reading more about you over at Suzanne’s.


4 Sylvia

I described it in my previous report here Yes a mild detox is much easier!


5 Greetje Kamminga

I read all about your first detox trip. Indeed this trip sounds much more comfortable. Is there also a programme called Just Relax? Without mud shakes?
Now I am off to Suzanne’s to read about you.


6 Sylvia

Haha of course. You would just book a holiday at the resort. That way you can enjoy the nutritious meals, massages etc without any of the detoxing!


7 Natalia

It all sounds and looks wonderful, except for those mud shakes! You look beautiful, bikini is great on you! I go to what we call “banya” in Russian – Korean day spa with different temperatures warm/hot rooms and pools, dry sauna and steam room, and if you desire you can add a massage, facial etc to it. I feel like I’m a newly born after a day of a deep relaxation.


8 Sylvia

Your retreat sounds wonderful too!


9 Lorraine

You are looking good Sylvia. I have often read about these detox programmes and I would be interested to try one, especially Phuket which I have visited many times and love. I usually come back from the Far East inspired to change my eating habits but my resolve weakens when I start to look at the exotic fruits in the UK and they don’t seem quite so enticing.


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