Highlights and trends of the prefall 2013 collections

by Sylvia

Prefall 2013 fashion trends

Those that keep an eye on my Pinterest Board may have noticed that I pinned all my favorite looks from the Pre-Fall collections that were presented recently. Pre-fall collections bridge the gap between the spring/summer and autumn/winter shows. Clothes from the pre-fall collections will usually hit the stores in May.

Collections from the 2013 Sping/Summer shows have started to hit the stores, so before we will start talking a lot about all the latest Spring trends, let’s have a quick look and see what lies further ahead.

As you may know I like looking at the trends ahead of time, since it prevents you from buying the wrong trendy clothes. I always feel a lot more confident buying something, knowing that a certain trend will continue over a longer time.

So what are some of the trends spotted in the pre-fall collections?

1. Beautiful Chic suits

I love the amazing suits presented by Bottega Veneta, Max Mara and Stella McCartney (pictured above). So classy and easy to wear for many women over 40. Max Mara had many different variations to choose from.

2. Lovely combinations of reds and rust

I love these colour variations of reds, rust and browns which were presented by Matthew Williamson and Narciso Rodriguez.

3. High contrast

The fascination with high contrast black and white continues with many designers featuring this trend.

4. Beautiful drapes

Beautiful dresses and skirts are a woman over 40’s best friend and Donna Karan and DKNY presented lots of different options and variations. As always Issey Miyake did not disappoint either.

5. Lots of belted looks

Belts are definitely in favour the coming season with many designers belting their looks.

6. Graphical prints

Strong geometrical graphics were present in a lot of pre-fall collections as well.

Good skirt lengths!

Another great observation of all looks is that there were many knee high length skirts and dresses, which are great for women over 40!

For more of all my favorites of the 2013 pre-fall collections, head on over to the special pre-fall 2013 Pinterest board to get a complete overview and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest!

Which are your favorites from the 2013 prefall collections?


1 lissy

I love your choices especially the first set of suits. I’ve recently invested in a few Max Mara items and they are beautiful and timeless.

2 Sylvia

Yes, I love a suit with a long jacket. Great for many women!

3 traceyliz65

The suits and draping don’t necessarily fit into my lifestyle but all the rest are of great interest to me. My favorites are the high contrast and graphic prints!

4 Sylvia

Yes, a lot of mod chic!

5 Sam

I love that Narciso Rodriguez dress! Gorgeous colour combination and a very pretty style.

6 Sylvia

Yes, it’s lovely. Simple, great colour and oh so feminine and stylish!

7 giulia

very interesting, I love your choiices, especially, the suits, black and white and drapes.
I have to buy a dress for my brother’s marriage and I’ m looking for insipration

8 Sylvia

Did you check my earlier article this week on what to wear to a wedding. (https://40plusstyle.com/how-to-dress-mother-of-the-bride/) That may help, but some of the suits here and the dresses would be fabulous too!

9 Lorraine

I love Max Mara (I have had a few diffusion line pieces over the year including a classic camel winter coat) and the Bottega Veneta. In my head that top right pic is the way I would like to look!! I have never been convinced by Stella McCartney but that might be my British cynicism. I’m glad you mentioned rust. I have a couple of very old items in rust that I was going to throw out as it’s not really a good colour for me but I will hold onto them to see if I can make them work better.

10 Sylvia

Yes, that is a timelessly stylish look. Stella is a good designer in my opinion and her suits have an excellent reputation in terms of cut and quality.

11 Aileen

Sylvia I love your choices and it’s good to see the dress/skirt lengths are very wearable too. I wonder what will happen to skinny jeans and tunics, which I’ve become a great wearer and admirer of. I hope they will continue to be fashionable for everyday wear.

12 Sylvia

They are still strong this coming season. Let’s see what the fall collections will be like. In general I feel it’s a good look for women over 40, that I don’t see disappearing any time soon.

13 aileen

Well, Sylvia I am very relieved to hear that, having bought so many pairs of skinny jeans recently. Fingers crossed they will be in fashion a while longer.

14 The Style Crone

What a gorgeous review Sylvia. I love the red/rust combination and so many interesting and unique shapes. I would rather read you blog than a fashion magazine.

15 Sylvia

What a nice compliment Judith. Thank you.

16 Greetje

I am never ahead of things in fashion, so it is a good thing I follow your site. Keeps me informed. Fall 2013, good heavens, I am still struggling with winter 2012/2013.
The red and rust colours are of course my favourites. Love the Matthew Williamson outfit.
I wonder whether I can restrain myself from buying more black and white this fall/winter. There is going to be a lot of it and I am always to attracted to it. And it is so wrong for me.

17 Sylvia

It’s pre-fall Greetje. Summer really. Just an in between collection, but the new fall collections will be presented in a couple of weeks…

18 Rita

I like the rust and reds (though not really the color combination on the far right with the brownish capris). I like the draped shapes, too, but I’d have to not go overboard there since I’m not too tall, and I’d make it a bit more casual, but I like the soft fun look!

19 Sylvia

Let’s see if they continue through the fall collections. I’m very excited which new ideas all the main designers will present!

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