10 steps to ignite your style in 2015!

by Sylvia

10 steps to ignite your style in 2015 | 40plusstyle.com

Happy new year!

If you are like me, you use the start of a new year to evaluate what has gone well and what you like to achieve or improve this year.

Today, let’s focus on your style.

Do you feel your style has progressed? Or do you feel that it needs some improvement?

If you feel that you could turn your style groove up a notch, then these 10 steps may help!

1. Go through your wardrobe and find the clothing hat makes you happy

First and foremost you need to feel GOOD in your clothes. Which clothing in your cupboard achieves that purpose? Write down and select the 5 pieces in your wardrobe that made you feel your best and explain why.

2. Create outfits from these 5 pieces and try different combinations

Create new combinations with your happy pieces! See how you can mix and match them with your other clothes and photograph yourself.

3. Evaluate the photos

Are you happy with the combinations that you came up with? Was there one particular piece that you missed that would have created even more outfits? Did you miss the basics or were the special show pieces missing that add some sparkle to your outfits?

4. Get inspiration from Pinterest

Go onto Pinterest, your favorite blogger or magazine and browse for outfits that feature similar items as your happy pieces. See if you can find more combinations that would work for you and that create silhouettes you enjoy. Save those images somewhere where you can look at them again.

5. Get even more creative!

Go through your wardrobe again. Are there other combinations you can find, now that you got some more inspiration from the outfits of others? Or do you get a clearer idea what is missing. Make sure to write it down!

6. Remove what does not make you happy

Then select the items you did not wear this year. Ask yourself why you did not wear them? Should these items still be in your closet? Can you remember how you felt when you last wore those particular pieces? Basically anything that does not make you feel happy and beautiful should leave your closet. Write down why the items did not work.

7. Create a consise list of what works and what does not work for you

Now that you found out what you like and what you don’t, create a clear DO and DONT list. For example as your DOs you could write: ‘love white’, ‘love asymmetry’, ‘want a lean silhouette that emphasizes waist’, ‘like a minimalist style’ and for your DON”T, ‘no ruffles’, ‘no big pattern’, ‘no yellow’, ‘avoid black’. These are just examples, but make your list as comprehensive as possible and keep it handy whenever you go shopping. You can also write down what you feel is missing in your closet.

8. Evaluate your accessories

Accessories are the icing on the cake. Go through the same process as with your clothes and define what makes you happy.

9. Evaluate your grooming

Grooming is an important part of your style. Did you keep up with good make up and is your hairstyle current? Go through the media that inspires you and find ways to improve your makeup skills or print out a picture of a hairstyle you like that you can take to your next hairdresser appointment. There are lots of great examples on Pinterest of both makeup and hairstyles.

10. Put it all together and reserve some time for yourself!

Armed with all your lists and photos either hit the shops or shop your own wardrobe further. Have fun mixing and matching and playing with your clothes. No matter how busy you are, please make sure to schedule in some time for yourself! When you feel good about yourself, you will ultimately be happier and be able to look after others or do your work even better.

Most of all have fun!

If you like any more help in getting your style groove, I highly recommend the 40+Style Courses to help you further.

How happy have you been with your style this year?


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1 Jill

Great words from you once again. Thank you. I’m gearing toward Emmanuel Alt for the minimalist/uniform look. Still searching for the perfect, basic black dress with no darts or zippers. A straight sleeveless shift. Need a couple of pairs of shoes and boots. Will remove the scarves and accessories that no longer work with my new look. Having fun pairing down and it is so much easier to pack and get dressed in the morning. Happy New Year and I love your take and info on fashion!


2 Sylvia

Yes she is a great style icon. Have fun downsizing and finetuning your new ‘uniform’. Hope you find that perfect dress soon!


3 denton

It appears I am the only person who has not yet finished Marie Kondo’s ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up-The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing’ but she makes the same points about closet and wardrobe that you make above. She says every piece you keep should ‘spark joy’.


4 Sylvia

I don’t even know about that book. Sounds good!


5 Patti

Great post, Sylvia. I tend to hang on to some pieces that don’t make me happy, but this year they’re going to leave the closet! xo


6 Sylvia

Yes, I will need to do some decluttering too….


7 Trina

Sylvia, these are just the words I needed to begin my New Years with. I told my daughter before she left to help me clean out my closets. Your advice makes it quite simple. I’m now motivated in the right direction.
Thank you for spending the time to share this with us.


8 Sylvia

Great you found this helpful. I hope you have lots of fun doing this process with your daughter!


9 Accidental Icon

Thanks Sylvia, this is a fun exercise which I am going to try for inspiration.

Accidental Icon


10 Sylvia

Hope you have fun doing it Lyn!


11 Suzanne

I need to go through my closet and do this one day when I’m in the mood. I think my problem is that I can find something good about every piece in my closet. They all make me happy. I have to choose what makes me “happier” or rather “happiest”.



12 Sylvia

Yes, it’s tough. I keep clothes in my closet also as I need clothes for different situations even though my dressier clothes make me happier. Another trick I use is to wear something in the closet for the ‘perfect occasion for that item” and if I still don’t get that happy, fab feeling then, it needs to go.


13 Odetta Li

Totally agree about evaluating which clothes make you happy. It’s very true that when I wear these particular Items–my mood improves! Great article–think I’ll head to my closet again!


14 Sylvia

I think the start of the year is the perfect time to evaluate. Have fun!


15 Margaret Burkett

I’m also going to try and be a lot more discerning about what I buy. I need to ask myself “are you really going to wear this?” Lately, I’ve done much better buying boring basics which I can mix and match into something wonderful.


16 Sylvia

Yes basics are just as important as your special pieces. The right balance is key!


17 kay kerns

This is great advice and I’m going to try the “write down the 5 pieces etc.” you suggested. I just pitched 3-4 pairs of shoes that just weren’t comfortable any more. And I have hung up all my necklaces on my bedroom wall on a cute hanger so i will wear them more often. With me it’s ‘out of sight, out of mind’ most of the time. I need to find a new pair of winter boots and some bras that fit!


18 Sylvia

Great ideas Kay!


19 JoanieB

Hi Slyvia
Happy New Year; this is a great website, thanks for all your posts. I love the way you talk about ‘clothing that makes you happy’ after one post you wrote, at the end of last year I felt I could get rid of all the colour in my wardrobe I just don’t like it and feel so much better with all my black, grey and navy blue, it was like receiving a license allowing me to be myself. I will follow lots of your tips to ‘igniting your style’.
All the best for 2015
Joanie B


20 Sylvia

Hi Joanie Great you found this useful and good that you found what makes you happy! That’s all that counts.


21 Greetje Kamminga

I should have done this in my holiday over Christmas, shouldn’t I? Well, at least I am preparing my mind for it. I am now in that brave mood to get rid of perfectly good items because they don’t make me feel wow.
After evaluating 2014, I decided I need to focus more on skirts and dresses. I have been wearing skinnies a bit too much and never any skirts or dresses anymore. Which I find a shame. So….. I will concentrate on that more. Particularly for winter.
As for hairstyle… I do not like my blond hair. Maybe I will turn brunette again.


22 Sylvia

We will revisit this topic quite a bit over the coming months so I’m sure you will get your closet it top condition! Good idea to try more skirts/ dresses but evaluate how they make you feel. If you feel happier wearing skinnies, there is not harm sticking to that either…


23 Greetje Kamminga

No I am sure I want balance. It is just harder to find a silhouette I like. The new modern silhouettes with wide tops is something I can wear but to my (old) eye, a fitted silhouette always looks much nicer. Wresling more with skirts and dresses than with skinnies, but hey.. it’s a challenge.


24 Michelle

Hey I think pinterest is really a good source for fashion ideas now. I always make sure I do a search there before buying the new dresses.

I also consider instagram for the same purpose though you get little more personal pictures there but i am following few small celebrities and they keep updating almost daily so it gives me great ideas especially for the jewelry.

You may add that too.


25 Sabina @Oceanblue Style

You are right Sylvia, looking at others and exchanging with others has totally ignited my style. Also I find it useful to break the rules like mixing summer and winter clothes for more choices! Please check out my post next Thursday nd tell me what you think! Would very much appreciate it! xo Sabina @Oceanblue Style


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