Why do I suddenly want to wear gold?

by Sylvia

golden statement jewelry
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Something strange has happened to me recently. After a lifetime of swearing by silver, all of a sudden I feel like wearing gold! What is happening? Do these sudden changes come with age?

Not so long ago I had the same thing happening with chocolate. My whole life I have indulged in milk chocolate, all kinds and flavours. I couldn’t stand the taste of dark chocolate.

And then out of thin air, I wanted nothing but dark chocolate.

Strange things are indeed happening.

Hans Appenzeller golden bracelets
Jewelry from one of my favorite Dutch designers: Hans Appenzeller

Does our taste change with age? How do sudden changes like this happen?

If you have an answer to that, let me know!

Of course, the change of me suddenly wanting to wear gold is not very practical at all. All my jewelry and accessories are silver. There is absolutely nothing gold in my cupboard. But I was very keen for gold jewelry with my new bright clothes, so I decided to purchase some fake jewelry at Tang’s. But the main problem is a watch. I have plenty of watches and although they are very versatile they are all silver or metal coloured. No gold to be seen. I resorted to wearing 2 bracelets instead.

It’s going to be interesting to see if this change will hold. For the moment I will stick to fakes and coloured jewelry, but if this desire to wear golden jewelry persists, I will have to invest in some (fake or metal) golden pieces. I’m eying Linnie McLarty’s contemporary jewelry which I hope to personally view in July when I visit London for the Olympics, but will also visit my favorite jewelry shops in Amsterdam as well! If anyone knows of some great contemporary jewelry designers in London or The Netherlands that I should visit when I’m there, let me know!

Do you experience sudden (dramatic) changes in preferences as you age? Would love to read any examples you may have!

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Heather Fonseca

I’ve been Very interested in gold jewelery recently too. It might just be a fashion shift. Or perhaps my taste is becoming more expensive as I get older! I do like the warmth of the metal next to my skin.


I think that gold may actually look better on me…It’s a total shift though so will have to see where this goes…


Nope, I’m a silver colored gal all my life. Gunmetal is fine too, maybe bronze or copper colored, but no gold for me. Also none of these sudden and big changes, as far as I recall at this moment, so I don’t have any explanations really. Ofcourse I can come up with general possible explanations like: the influence of trends, media or people around you. Or changes, like age, body or looks, in you or changes in your life.

By the way: I know a great jewelry designer in Haarlem. Her work is to be seen in musea all over the world. She is a tango acquaintance, so I can introduce you. I think you will like her work! She keeps developing and changing, so you may like some collections a lot and like other collections of her maybe less. Best is to make an appointment at her studio in Haarlem and see her jewelry with your own eyes. Her name is Birgit Laken. http://www.birgitlaken.nl/


Great tip Anja. Will definitely visit!


I can’t really say that I’ve experienced any sudden changes in my preferences, but then I haven’t really had very strong preferences either:) But I guess it might have to do with the things that Tangobabe is mentioning. Also I think you’ve mentioned that you tend to get bored with your clothes and need variety, so it might be an expression of that as well. Personally I like wearing both gold and silver, and I’m not afraid to mix the two, either! My watch is a mix of gold and silver colour, so I can wear it with all my jewelry, but I’m considering buying a couple of reasonable priced watches in each color.


Yes, a watch that combines both colours could be good. Although I would love to have one now that is big, bold and gold coloured!


When I had my colour test done, it was very clear that gold was better for me, warmer. And that silver was too cold for my complexion. As I had been “a gold girl” all my live, that recommendation was fine by me. The only sudden change I have had, was when I was in my early twenties. Before that time I could not underdstand why anyone would ever pay good money for diamonds (brilliants) when you could get fakes that looked exactly the same for so much less. And I could not understand what the attraction was of pearls. And from one day to another all of a sudden I wanted a real brilliant in my ring and I bought pearls. No idea where that came from, but it has not changed ever since. As for contemporary jewellery… Anja’s address is great. Birgit make really nice things. But you can also try Sipkes in the Warmoesstraat in Haarlem.


I’ve been told to wear gold before too, but always ignored it as I was a silver girl through and through. We will see where it goes. I’m ready to wear both for now!


In my 30′s , I started to accumulate 14k gold bracelets of modern designs and by late 30′s , I ventured into 18k jewelry with and without diamonds and gemstones by known designers. I’ve always been an old and wise soul when it comes to personal expenditures. I don’t spend frivolously.
So now when gold prices are at an all time high, I don’t need to buy anymore jewelry at all. I have a good enough haul to last me throughout my years.
I am now in my 40′s and using every single one.


Sounds like you made some excellent and timeless choices earlier on. That’s one of the benefits of buying quality. It will stand the test of time! Thanks for commenting Petite!


I love this dress/tunic over the white pants. It is a great look. :) Not as colorful as the green pants but a nice balance.
As for your gold love – it is just another stage on your fashion journey. :) Have fun with it. I was always a gold girl but then my hubby surprised me with a white gold and Sapphire ring and now I wear jewelry in both shades. Maybe as we get older and more neutral in our coloring we can be flattered by different metals as well as different makeup and clothing colors.


At least I have even more choice with jewelry now and bags !


Hey, I just remembered: I used to be crazy about Swatches. I had/have at least 25 of those watches. Every day I would choose one of them according to what I was wearing that day. I would feel naked without one.
A couple of years ago, out of the blue, from one day to the other, I stopped wearing watches. No conscious decision at all, no reason, just like that. Never wore one again and cannot imagine I ever will.
So, yes, I DO know the phenomena of inexplicable changes;-). Weird….


I had it once before too with earrings. I wore all kinds, usually big ones. Would feel naked without them. Then all of a sudden I stopped wearing them. Now, I hardly wear any earrings although I do look at them a bit more lately…

Aleya Bamdad

I hated jewelry until I hit 30, now I love it as long as it’s chunky. Some of the cuffs you have on here are very cute by the way.


My preference is also for chunky jewelry. I also think it looks better as you get older. I intend to buy even chunkier jewelry from now on….


I forgot to tell you that your necklace in the photo looks very nice. Good match with the dress. Of the Hans Appenzeller bracelets I adore the middle one in the top row (a Gaudi one).


Thanks Greetje


Personally, I think gold is always beautiful, but I’m biased. As for sudden change of hearts, my philosophy is “Never is the next new thing.” The more you’re averse to something, the more you’ll like it in the future!


Interesting comment. Not sure if that would count for everything but it’s something to think about….


Oh, and I guess I should give my jewelry website address http://www.wendybrandes.com

Email me at wbjewelry at hotmail dot com if you have any questions!


Interesting. I just read the other day that silver is better as we age. I am in my early 60′s and use to love gold big time and still do but after reading the article I have been thinking about changing to silver. I guess I need to actually place both against my skin and look in the mirror and see which reflects my skin tones the best. Actually whatever makes one feel good about themselves is the best choice for that person. One can get caught up on others opinions about themselves and confusion comes.


Yes, it’s true that silver becomes more prominent at later age since many women lose color in their skin and become paler and get grey hair. So they may turn from a warm type (yellow / gold) to a more cooler type (blues / silver). But I agree with you that you should wear what makes you happy!

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