What I love right now: Michael Kors Tilda Clutch

by Sylvia

Michael Kors tilda clutch

I must admit, I’m not a big fan of clutches. In fact I have no clutch in my closet that I actually like. For many years I’ve been a practical Dutch woman and for the longest part I’ve been known to carry leather backpacks to parties! I can assure you though they were stylish backpacks….

I have bettered my ways, but I still prefer bulkier handbags to clutches as I like to carry more stuff than would fit in a tiny clutch. For example, I always need some kind of cardigan or scarf in case of freezing indoor temperatures here. When wearing heals, I like to carry an extra pair of flat shoes in case I want to go wild on the dance floor. I also prefer to keep my hands free, rather than always having to carry something.

However, I recently saw this gorgeous clutch from Micheal Kors and I must say I’m very tempted. I think this would make a lovely christmas present! It’s from embossed leather and can actually be converted into a handbag as it also has a strap.

Here it is in black.

Micheal Kors Tilda Clutch black

The bag does not look that small either, so I may even be able to squeeze in a scarf. (My shoes will be an issue though, so I may have to resort to either foot pain or wearing flats).

It also comes in a slate lizard version.

Michael Kors slate lizard clutch

Or how about the crocodile effect Tilda Clutch?

Michael Kors Tilda clutch crocodile effect

Do you frequently carry clutches? And which one is your favorite right now?

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Heather Fonseca

Currently I’m having a total obsession with clutch bags which I know is not healthy. There is no reason to spend upwards of $200 to have the newest bag shape. I know this, but it doesn’t keep me from wanted to throw my credit cards to the wind and hope for money later.
I’m not sure how much the Michael Kors bag is but I do love his purse designs. I have one and it’s well made and has lasted several years. If this clutch isn’t horrible expensive I might have to have it!

I did find a simple, but rather unconstructed, clutch at the Goodwill (a local thrift store chain here in the U.S.) which I wore with just about every outfit for a few months. But it really only fits a lipstick and a few credit cards, which isn’t enough for me either.



Thanks for sharing your story Heather. It’s funny how we sometimes have these obsessions with things. Luckily they usually don’t last. The good thing about clutches is that they are usually more affordable than ‘real’ handbags. I think the prices were quite reasonable, considering it’s a Michael Kors design…

Heather Fonseca

So I went to the Michael Kors store yesterday to look at the clutches. They are really chic. I love the shape. But they don’t zip at the top which would make me worry about things dropping out. Other than that it’s really cute. Too expensive for me right now though. Sigh.


I think I will wait for the sales, hopefully after new year. I have a need for several bags at the moment, but I will be patient…..


I love purses so I have lots of them – in all shapes and colors. Some are even too big for me but I still like them and use them when I need to tote a day’s worth of items. I never carry the same bag two days in a row. To me it is a part of my outfit and needs to “go” with what I am wearing.
I have several clutches as they are “dressier” and perfect for luncheons and parties. My current favorites are a Kate Spade in a hot pink patent leather and a Santi with hand-sewn, colorful jewels in a tree of life pattern on gold. It is very eye catching. 🙂
Have you seen those little roll-up shoes? They fit in a small space and are fine for dancing. There are different brands like After Flats and Rollasole. You can find them for $10 a pair in many colors – even metallics.
I adore this Michael Kors clutch and want the Tilda. Sigh.


Your whole wardrobe always sounds to die for Suzanne!
No haven’t heard of those roll-up shoes. Should check them out..


Must be something in the air, because I’m looking for a clutch bag right now, too. I have loads of bags, and I definitely favour big, slouchy shoulder bags, so this interest in clutches has caught me by surprise. I like the Michael Kors one quite a lot, but I think I’m looking for one without a built-in handle. More like a classic envelope, I would say.


Funny. That built in handle is just what caught my eye and makes me like it so much. So different!


I got a really cool longish clutch this past summer and it ended up driving me crazy because I always had to hold it. I am not a purse person but I do like the styles that you chose. Love the look of a clutch–but not for evreyday wear for me, anyway!


The more I see these pictures, the more I want one!


I think the strap is an added bonus with this MK bag. I have a few clutches with no strap at all and they are fine if I am attending a seated lunch or dinner but if I am at a cocktail party I make sure my clutch can be worn on my shoulder. They are small enough to not be heavy or get in the way.


Yes that’s why I think this clutch will be perfect for me!

The Style Crone

I have a collection of vintage clutches and like to use them in the evening. Your examples are elegantly understated.


It’s shocking but the only clutches I have are a few I picked up from markets in China, which I don’t even like that much. It’s time I got some proper ones and be chic! You are right, I usually go for the understated type of bags…

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