The best tops to hide your tummy in stores now

by Sylvia

tops to hide belly

A popular article at 40+ Style is how to hide your belly with clothes, where I share 10 ways to hide your tummy effectively with the right kind of tops, dresses, cardigans and jackets. Many 40+ women develop a tummy and they would rather not show too much of that to the world. And why would you, when you can easily hide it with the right tops! So I went out looking for some ideal tops to buy right now to hide your belly. Many of these will look good on all women over 40. As you know, I’m a great fan of draped tops myself.

My absolute favorites are pictured above and include:

  • Rick Owns Lilies Draped Top in Dark Dust: lovely draped top that will look good on many bottoms. Most women will prefer to wear this with tight trousers, rather than the wider ones shown on the seller’s site.
  • Reiss Anouk novelty Jersey tank: beautiful colour blue with a lovely drape front and back
  • Helmut Lang’s golden frost top: love the draping of this top and it’s currently on sale. May be a bit short for some women though.
  • Helmut Lang Cap Sleeve Draped Top: beautiful draping that covers the belly at the front but has see-through fabric at the back. At the front there is a lovely vertical line as well, which further distracts from the belly and makes you look leaner and longer.

Which is your favorite?

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My favorite is the first one – the Helmut Lang frosted gold draped top. It is gorgeous and could be worn with so many different things. I also heard that gold clothes will be one of the top 5 trends for S/S 13 so it would put you ahead of the game! Wear it under a blazer/jacket now and alone in the Spring.
I don’t think I have told how much I like the new layout of your Blog. It’s great! 🙂


Thanks Suzanne. Yes I agree it’s a lovely top, from which you will get a lot of wear!

Greetje Kamminga

I like the golden Helmut Lang as well. But it only has no sleeves which will leave me cold in winter. Also the black&white Gold Hawk top is fabulous. But again with no sleeves.
So I looked at Rick Owens lilies. Nice top and you are right, I would wear that on slim fitting trousers.


Yes, true. I will make an effort to include more garments with sleeves next time. But you could easily wear a good t-shirt with long sleeves underneath these tops and make them look good. That way the garment becomes a year round wearable top.

Also Sandra Walsch left a comment about her special garment that covers your arms, when you want to wear something sleeveless. You may want to check that out:

Heather Fonseca

I like the black one with the white band at the bottom but I don’t know if I’m ready for loose knit tops with a lot of drape just yet. I’ve always liked rather tailored clothes, and so far so good on the tummy. It’s not as flat as it was, but it’s still ok. One day, however, I’m sure I’ll have to open my mind to some loose tops.


yes, see how you go Heather. I love these kind of tops for their unique designs!


I like the first one for the same reason as Greetje, I need sleeves not only for the cold but also because my upper arms are sad they are hanging down. And drapes are the solution to my belly problem. This is the ideal fashion for me.


glad you liked them Marianne!


Yay, yay, yay! Tops to hide tummies! Draping really is the only way to go but even if I didn’t have a tummy I would still wear “drapey” tops because they are comfy, look more stylish than a plain tee, and look feminine!


I totally agree Petra!


Loved the asymmetry of the Helmut Lang cap sleeved top with the long Vee.

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