The best shops on Etsy for contemporary jewelry – Perfect for gifts this season!

by Sylvia

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I love contemporary jewelry. Especially those created by independent designers.

One of the best places to find all these unique designers is on Etsy.

Here is a list of some of the best shops and designers I found on Etsy for contemporary jewelry.



Handmade African inspired jewelry made mostly from African fabrics and West African recycled glass beads. These necklaces are prefect to add a pop of color to your outfit.



Elegant and individual crochet jewelry that adds a sense of art and uniqueness to your style.



Unique handmade accessories like flower brooches, braided bracelets and necklaces.



I love my clay necklace from Floti, seen here and here and I’m tempted to get more color combinations.



Ana Pina combines the unpredictability and movement of the trace with the inherited geometry of her architectural background in the creation of pieces that mix traditional jewelry techniques and contemporary concepts of design.

Pevalek art


Original contemporary jewelry made of various materials.



Great colorful jewelry in interesting shapes.

Natura Metallum


Minimalist, industrial and sculptural jewelry. I love the interplay of the different materials.

Estudio Shop


These fabric necklaces are perfect for adding some extra color to your outfits. Here is how I wore it.

I’m sure that there are many more fantastic designers there that I have not yet discovered, so please let me know your favorites on Etsy!


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very appealing and different from the everyday! xo



Thanks for this – there are a couple of artists here that I would buy from, and it saves so much time scrolling through Etsy sites when someone else does the work to find cool stuff 😉


Going to Etsy for finding jewellery or bags, or belts … it is like going down a rabbit hole for me. I spend hours and hours on it and start buying all sorts. Your examples are so tempting, but I have to be firm and not go there.

vera marinovic

Braaaavo @iva pevalek, Croatia. <3

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