How to be comfortable, warm AND hip this Christmas

by Sylvia

skirts worn with woollen sweaters
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Last week I gave you some affordable options for what to wear to christmas parties. I gave you the more traditional options of beautiful dresses, sparkly tops and combinations with pants.

However, if you are like me (and very quickly get cold in low temperatures), you may just want to be comfortable and warm this Christmas. And now you don’t even have to sacrifice your style do so. Today I present you with a very hip, yet super comfy and warm option for your Christmas parties and even Christmas itself.

The jumper and skirt combination

Get one of your nicest and woolliest jumpers (preferably a bit oversized) and wear it with a skirt. I really like the combination of oversized woollen sweaters combined with (leather) straight skirts but other skirts will work too. Then combine with closed or open toe booties and opaque tights and you will be super hip!

Play with what you already have in your wardrobe!

Although a lot of the options I present today are premium, it can work with any jumper that you already have. So just use the examples as ideas and inspiration for your own outfits or check the shops for more affordable options.

For those of you in warmer climates, just choose a cotton or silk oversized top.

And if you do like to shop, the looks above can be bought online at Net-a-Porter. Just search for ‘sweaters”.

Have fun picking and wearing  your christmas outfits and remember that if you decide to wear a dress, don’t forget to wear it 2 different ways and enter my 2nd dressing challenge!

Do you already know what you will be wearing to  your Christmas parties this year?

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Wow! So many beautiful sweaters. The black and white Stella McCartney is my favorite. I would love that with a leather skirt or cobalt pants. This look is wearable for casual parties, for shopping, and for lunch with friends. You always give us the best ideas!


I love all the really colourful ones!


Great looks. Would need boots and tights for winter where I am, though. Alas, I get cold if it’s below 80 F / 26 C !


Yes, these looks work with boots and tights too. I think short booties is nicest but long boots will also be nice if you really want to be warm and comfortable. Did you see yesterday’s article Rita? You’re getting a mention there…


Oh no…I missed it. *runs to take a look* :-)


Hahaha! Cold at 80F! By January you will be in a full length hooded puffer and Sorrels! We’ll all be saying “Look at Rita – dressed like a typical Engineer!” Of course, I will be in the exact same outfit but I am not an Engineer so — Um, that makes a difference, right? :)


hahaha, the two of you are funny. I think that your body gradually gets used to different temperatures. If you go from 80 to 40 in one day, you get really cold. But if you have been living in 30F for a week, you’d find 40 warm.
And believe it or not, if you put your mind to it, you can be warm AND stylish. Work on it girls! LOL
PS.. the boots might be a problem. Snow and such misery are not inviting for nice footwear.


I wish I was that adaptable, Greetje! I’m pretty much always cold. The summers are actually worse for me because everywhere I go indoors is always so over air conditioned. I’m happier in the hot outdoors. I do like cold weather though because I love wearing my coats. That’s true about snow/ice, etc. They are not conducive to nice footwear. My waterproof Aquatalia brand boots are waterproof and cute, though. :-)


Just got an error when I tried to post so I’ll try again. Sorry if this shows up twice!

Too funny, Suzanne! I have two pairs of fuzzy-line Aquatalias just waiting for me to wear them. Got them two years ago but it was never cold or snowy enough in Albuquerque to use them. I just today got a pretty pair of LK Bennett black boots to go with the brown ones (riding boots) I got a few months ago. The fit is great except they are a little snug in the calf so hoping they break in (and I won’t throw my back out zipping them up). :-) I think my boot wardrobe is complete…at least my checkbook hopes so. :-D


“— my boot wardrobe is complete —” – sorry, this does not compute. :)


LOL!!! I have a REALLY small closet. Maybe some day. :-)


Great looks! I have a few party wear options in my closet for colder weather – a sequined bouclè dress that I’ve mentioned before, and a couple of sequin skirts that’ll look great with a cashmere sweater and opaque tights. I’d love a leather skirt, though!


Sounds great Nanne! I’ve yet to own something sequens….


I almost live in warm oversized sweaters, I am always cold and I love them because they are so comfortable. But I think I have to look for one with paterns and colours, like you are showing us. These are more fun and not so boring like the ones I own. Sale is already starting here, so I can start looking on line, good tip.


Have fun finding one Marianne. I may have to get one too, for when I visit in April.


I have put my black and blue sweater with my lovely black boots on the Forum:


I would love to try one of these sweaters with my long (ankle) leather skirt. Still have not found anything for that yet. Because I am so tall and straight I have to be careful with a silhouette like that. As Marianne says, perhaps in the sale as the money fountain has dried up.


Yes, that would be great! Although that is true, you don’t always have to dress to highlight your waist. I like this straighter silhouette too and I know you can pull it off.

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