Sunday inspiration: beautiful long gray hair

by Sylvia

Sunday inspiration: beautiful long gray hair |

These two images were sent to me by freelance artist Victoria Golos.

They are another great example of how gorgeous long gray hair can be!


For many more examples of women with beautiful gray hair, be sure to check my articles on long gray hair, mid long gray hair and short gray hairstyles.


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Absolutely gorgeous. I may be going for silver curls soon. xo


Indead very beautiful. Pity I will never look like this haha.


Gorgeous and elegant; I love it.


I am letting myself go gray as I age. I like the look. I have worn my hair long most of my adult life (it’s been shorter for about two years) and would wear long gray hair if my hair stays thick. Sometimes our hair thins as we age, and I think thin long gray hair doesn’t work very well.

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I love grey hair at any length!

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Silvia DiPierdomenico

I’m just starting to get grey hair and hope I will be able to wear it elegantly and beautifully as this woman here.



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